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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: April 29th 2010


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:: JKTech to Develop a Geomet Mapping Pathway

JKTech has recognised the industry need for improved resource characterisation and developed a geometallurgical mapping pathway, which will support companies to get improved resource forecasts and to maximise economic returns.

Given today’s high throughputs, incremental improvements in processing can make a significant difference with estimates of a 1-2% gain in processing being equivalent to a 20-30% productivity gain in underground mining. Resource characterisation becomes critical in the strive for greater efficiencies, lower operating costs and managing risk where the global trend is to mine lower grades, higher volumes and more complex ore types in a sustainable manner.

Geometallurgical mapping is the predictive quantification of processing performance variability of a deposit that is embodied within the orebody block model. When coupled with integrated and predictive optimisation solutions, geometallurgical mapping will not only lead to improved forecasts but also facilitate more effective process design, mine planning and optimisation as well as improve risk management and maximise economic returns

Hence, geometallurgical mapping requires a multi disciplined approach by bringing together processing, geological and engineering personnel in order to view the project/deposit from a holistic perspective and not just within their functional or discipline roles. This creates a number of challenges for companies and sites in terms of common language, competencies and culture for both implementation and maintenance of geometallurgical mapping programs.

JKTech recognises these challenges and has developed a geometallurgical mapping pathway that leads companies and sites through a series of manageable iterative steps to reach the ultimate goal. Supporting these steps, a number of knowledge transfer courses are in development tailored for the various disciplines, management and required knowledge levels. In terms of implementation, the geometallurgical pathway provides flexible models and timeframes dependant on client’s requirements: from fully outsourced to facilitating internal capabilities.

A number of new laboratory scale geometallurgical tests and methods have been developed by P843 “Geometallurgical Mapping and Mine Planning” for which JKTech can assist sponsors in the implementation of these tests and methods to undertaking geometallurgical mapping projects.




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