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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: May 18, 2011


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:: New TurboQuant Video: Software Helps Reliably Analyze Unknown Samples

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) has established itself as a fast and simple analytical procedure. But, the method can only fully take advantage of its strengths when the matrix of the sample is known. If this is not the case, then the TurboQuant software for automatic matrix effect correction, developed by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, can help. A new video at www.spectro.com demonstrates the power of the software solution.

A great advantage to XRF screenings is the possibility of measuring the samples with minimal sample preparation. Unfortunately, a number of sample dependent matrix effects influences the accuracy of the analytical results. “The measurement results are only truly reliable if the instrument recognizes the matrix of the sample and can take it into account during the analysis," explains Dirk Wissmann, Product Manager for XRF at SPECTRO. “Whether a liquid is oily or aqueous, whoever tries to analyze without any previous knowledge of the sample, must expect large deviations."

The TurboQuant software developed by SPECTRO makes exact knowledge of the composition of the matrix unnecessary. The software recognizes the matrix specific backscatter from the sample and automatically determines the sample matrix. “TurboQuant only needs to know the physical condition - solid, powder or liquid - of the sample, in order to achieve acceptable accuracy for even completely unknown samples," reports Dirk Wissmann. For environments analysis, for example, the software is used in the SPECTRO XEPOS XRF flagship for the examination of soil samples, electronics scrap or alternative fuels.

Which advantages are offered to analytical laboratories by the TurboQuant optimization software is clearly shown in a new video. The video can be viewed at www.spectro.com/pages/e/p0105yt001_TurboQuant_Video.htm or by searching for 'SPECTRO TURBOQUANT' at Youtube.





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