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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: November 9th 2011


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:: FEI Announces the Launch of QEMSCAN® WellSiteTM

This month we are excited to announce the launch of QEMSCAN® WellSiteTM, an innovative solution that simplifies and speeds up mineral and petrographic analysis in environments where no automated mineralogy system has ever gone before. The development of new automated solutions will ultimately benefit all of our Natural Resources customers. Expanding our application base enables us to grow our team, and spread our development and engineering efforts across the markets we serve. Promising initiatives are already underway in partnership with mining companies to further expand our current solutions portfolio.

Our goal is to simplify and speed up the workflow of petrographic and metallurgical analysis; to provide all of our customers - mining, oil & gas, and other emerging applications faster, more automated results. Essentially, we've taken the laboratory QEMSCAN technology and the associated components of the workflow, including sample preparation, and made it work in extreme remote environments such as the highlands of Papua New Guinea and an off-shore oil rig in the Arabian Gulf. We are increasingly seeing that customers are benefitting from completing this analysis in dramatically faster turn-around.

Automated mineralogy has evolved from an extreme type of analysis requiring weeks to complete to a more routine analysis that can be turned around in a matter of days, if needed. In fact, the results provided by QEMSCAN WellSite thus far demonstrate the ability to go from wet rock samples to definitive answers in less than an hour. We are finding that our efforts in one application are enabling us to provide better solutions to all of our customers. Our aim is to constantly improve our solutions, our technology, and our team to better serve all of our customers.

Dr. Paul Scagnetti, VP and General Manager - FEI Natural Resources




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