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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: July 4th 2013


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:: Introducing QEMSCAN EXpress


Following the introduction of MLA EXpress at Process Mineralogy in Cape Town, South Africa in November of 2012, we now proudly announce the availability of QEMSCAN EXpress. Both MLA and QEMSCAN EXpress are built on FEI's Aspex SEM technology. The Aspex platform boasts operational ease of use, an attractive price point, minimal laboratory infrastructure requirements, and solidly moves FEI towards truly turnkey mineralogy analyzers.

QEMSCAN EXpress features a bench top SEM platform with 20 kV electron column, a single Bruker 5030 EDS detector with 400 kcps output pulse processor board, a 6 (30mm) block holder, and the latest iDiscover data acquisition, analysis and reporting software suite running under Windows 7. A particular benefit of EXpress, MLA or QEMSCAN, is the reduced need for dedicated laboratory infrastructure. The main system unit measures 73 x 66 x 60 cm, weighs 90 kg and typically sits on a workbench. Additional hardware features include an electronics console, PC, Bruker pulse processor unit and pre-vacuum pump.

For furthr information please visit the website at www.fei-natural-resources.com/mining/products.aspx




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