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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: August 8th 2014


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:: ZEISS Launches Automated Mineralogy Solution for Mining Industry


ZEISS Mineralogic Mining Delivers Automated Quantitative Petrological Analysis

On August 6, ZEISS launched Mineralogic Mining to provide fully quantitative evaluation during mineral exploration, ore characterization, process optimization and tailings-control processes. The new solution will enable the mining industry to maximize the recovery of natural resources in the most environmentally sustainable manner. ZEISS Mineralogic Mining combines a mineral analysis engine with a scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectrometers to provide automated analysis, rapid reports and high resolution EDS maps.

ZEISS Mineralogic Mining brings to the natural resources market a unique ability to tailor sample analysis workflows. The accuracy of mineral classifications are second-to-none thanks to the ability to choose between four different mineral classification techniques. A full suite of image processing functions are also available to enable better discrimination between elements with similar average atomic weight such as coal and iron ore.

High productivity and throughput are essential for the mining industry and with ZEISS Mineralogic Mining no time is wasted. Sample runs are quick and easy to setup and minerals are measured and classified in real-time with no need for post processing of data. Chemical assay data is measured, not inferred, allowing improved assay reconciliation and elemental deportment quantification.


Dr. Ben Tordoff, Mining Segment Manager for ZEISS explains, "The launch of ZEISS Mineralogic Mining marks an important return to the mining sector for ZEISS. This sophisticated tool brings new technology to mining which requires minimal user input to generate exactly the information that is needed to make the right process decisions."

ZEISS offers a wide range of solutions to the natural resources market, from light microscopy for morphological analysis to focused ion beam and X-ray microscopy for 3D imaging of volumes. The latest technology to be added to the portfolio, ZEISS Mineralogic Mining, is offered on conventional, field emission and focused ion beam electron microscopes with the option to correlate data with optical and X-ray datasets.




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