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Proceedings of Automated Mineralogy '08

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This CD-ROM contains papers presented at the MEI Conference held in Brisbane, Australia in August 2008.

For full details and to order this CD go to www.min-eng.com/automatedmineralogy08/paps.html


The CD contains the following papers:

Technology Developments

Development of optical image analysis techniques for better mineral and texture identification of iron ores
E. Donskoi, A. Poliakov, J.R. Manuel and T.D. Raynlyn (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Estimation of mineral grain size using area scans
D. Sutherland (Visiting Professor, Hacettepe University, Turkey)

Estimation of liberation distributions in separation plants
S. Gay (JKMRC, Australia)

Developing new quantitative applications in geometallurgy and diamond deposits
K. Hoal, S. Appleby, J. Stammer (Colorado School of Mines, USA), P. Botha (Intellection Corporation, USA) and C. Palmer (CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment, and Gem Diamond Technical Services, South Africa)

Automated cryptic variation through the Bushveld Complex, South Africa - a new tool for igneous petrologists
P.W.S.K. Botha (Intellection Corp., USA) and A.R. Butcher (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

A review of online monitoring of froth flotation with machine vision systems
C. Aldrich and C. Marais (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Automated analysis of aluminium bath electrolytes by the Rietveld method
K. Knorr (Bruker-AXS, Germany and C. Kelaart (Bruker Biosciences Pty Ltd, Australia)

Rapid mineral concentration measurement over conveyors by NIR reflectance spectroscopy
A.F.H. Goetz, B. Curtiss and D. Shiley (ASD Inc., USA)

Real time mineralogical analysis for automated control and process optimisation
C.G. Manias (FCT Group of Companies, Australia)


Case Studies

Automated mineralogy applied to chromite ore characterisation
M.I. Pownceby, D.A. McCallum, W.J. Bruckard and C.V. Ly (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Characterisation of the Antamina bornite zone for process mineralogy modelling
L.J. Kormos, J. Oliveira, P.J. Whittaker (Xstrata Process Support, Canada) and E. Lipten (Antamina Operations, Peru)

Studying crustal evolution processes by automated mineral analysis: an example from the Scottish late Caledonian granites
S.K. Appleby, N.M. Kelly (Colorado School of Mines, USA), C.M. Graham (University of Edinburgh, UK) and M.R. Gillespie (British Geological Survey, UK)

Using QEMSCAN® to establish a classification scheme for mud-rich facies in drylands
M.L. Sandstrom, C.B. Krapf, R.F. Daniel, K. Amos (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Biological and environmental applications of quantitative mineral analysis
J. Botha, K. Hoal (Colorado School of Mines, USA), H.C.W. Skinner (Yale University, USA) and P. Botha (Intellection Corporation, USA)

Online analysis of coal on a conveyor belt by use of machine vision and kernel methods
C. Aldrich, G.T. Jemwa and K.D. Keegan (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

The role of quantitative mineralogy in assessing rock breakage characteristics at Bingham Canyon, Utah
J. Ross, S. Appleby K. Hoal (Colorado School of Mines, USA) and P. Botha (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Applying QEMSCAN® to resolve leucoxene mineralogy in heavy mineral sands
T. Wallmach and L Reyneke (Exxaro, South Africa)

Using automated mineralogy as a tool to detect micron-sized gold in sediment-hosted Carlin- type deposits
J.G. Stammer, M.W. Hitzman (Colorado School of Mines, USA) and R.P. Highsmith (Intuitive Exploration, USA)

The characterisation of Ni-rich and Ni-poor goethite using QEMSCAN®
J. Andersen, G. Rollinson, B. Snook, R. Fairhurst (Camborne School of Mines, UK) and R. Herrington (Natural History Museum, UK)



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