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Licina, T., Image analysis for ore fragmentation assessment. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy Section A, Vol. 37 Number 104, 2001

Deniz, V., Gunes, A.N., and Ozkahraman, S., Pre-processing and mineralogical investigation of chromite mines in the Fethiye Gocek-Uckopru before concentration. Journal of Ore Dressing, Issue 5, 2001

Halikia, I., Zoumpoulakis, L., Christodoulou, E., and Prattis, D., Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate by isothermal methods of analysis. European Journal of Mineral Processing and Environmental Protection, Vol 1 no.2, 2001

D. Latti, J. Doyle, B.J.I. Adair. A QEM*SEM study of a suite of pressure leach products from a gold circuit. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

M. Valix, J.Y. Tang, W.H. Cheung. The effects of mineralogy on the biological leaching of nickel laterite ores. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

G.A. Hope, R. Woods, C.G. Munce. Raman microprobe mineral identification. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

D. Latti, B.J.I. Adair. An assessment of stereological adjustment procedures. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

L. Reyneke, W.G. van der Westhuizen. Characterisation of a heavy mineral-bearing sample from India and the relevance of intrinsic mineralogical features to mineral beneficiation. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

R. Neumann, C.L. Schneider. Prediction of monazite liberation from the silexitic rare earth ore of Catalao I. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

M.M.L. Tassinari, H. Kahn, G. Ratti. Process mineralogy studies of Corrego do Garimpo REE ore, Catalao-I alkaline complex, Goias, Brazil. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

L.S. Pangum, J.W. Glatthaar, E.V. Manlapig. Process mineralogy of fluorosilicate minerals in Ok Tedi ores. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

L.M. Sant'Agostino, P.R. Alves, N. Shimabukuro, T.B. Bonas. Applied mineralogy as a tool for mine planning of phosphate rock. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

A.M.T. Pereira, P.R.G. Brandao. Statistical validation of standardless and standard-based analysis by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in iron ores characterisation. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

A. Manni, G. Saviano, P. Massacci. Characterization of gold particles in recoverable waste matrix. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.12, 2001

Ketata, C., and Rockwell, M.C., Stochastic evaluation of sampling errors in mineral processing streams. CIM Bulletin, Vol. 94 Number 1056, Nov./Dec. 2001. CIM Bulletin, Vol. 94 Number 1056, Nov./Dec. 2001

Chryssoulis, S. L., Using Mineralogy to Optimize Gold Recovery by Flotation. JOM, Vol. 53 Number 12, 2001

Evrard, L. J., The Mineralogical Transformation of a Polymetallic Sulfide Ore during Partial Roasting. JOM, Vol. 53 Number 12, 2001

Authier-Martin, M. Forte, G. Ostap, S. See, J., The Mineralogy of Bauxite for Producing Smelter-Grade Alumina. JOM, Vol. 53 Number 12, 2001

Z.X. Sun, R.O. Skold. A multi-parameter titration method for the determination of formation pH for metal hydroxides. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

Hagni, R. D. Shivdasan, P. R. Application of cathodoluminescence microscopy to the study of carbonatite-related fluorspar ores, host rock carbonatite and beneficiation products at Okorusu, Namibia. Minerals and metallurgical processing, Vol. 18 Number 4, November 2001

M.A. Legodi, D. de Waal, J.H. Potgieter, S.S. Potgieter. Rapid determination of CaCO3 in mixtures utilising FT-IR spectroscopy. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.9, 2001

W. Gong. A real time in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopic study of linear phosphate adsorption on titania surfaces. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.63, no.3, 2001

King, H. W. Payzant, E. A., Error Corrections For X-Ray Powder Diffractometry. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, Vol. 40 No. 3, 2001

Luhrs, C. Tenger, S.  Error Contribution in the Chemical Process Control of an Aluminium Casthouse Spark emission spectral analysis - Uncertainty in measurement - Analysis of variance - Process capability. Erzmetall., Vol. 54 No. 4, 2001

Wunsch, G. Kielhorn, C., Chemical Analysis for Control of a Lead Blast Furnace Chemical analysis - Lead production - Speciation - X-ray diffractometry - Lead compounds. Erzmetall., Vol. 54 No. 4, 2001

A.I.A. Salama. Flowsheet mass balance with partial observation of stream components. International Journal of Mineral Processing, vol.63 no.2, 2001

Q. Liu, D.A. Spears, Q. Liu. MAS NMR study of surface-modified calcined kaolin. Applied Clay Science, vol.19 no.1-2, 2001

J.H. Potgieter, S.S. Potgieter, B. Legodi. Proposed modifications to the method for the determination of available lime. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.5, 2001

U. Sindel, I. Zimmermann. Measurement of interaction forces between individual powder particles using an atomic force microscope. Powder Technology, vol.117 no.3, 2001

M.D. Adams. A methodology for determining the deportment of cyanide losses in gold plants. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.4, 2001

A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi, H. Pollak, M. Mashlan, D. Jancik, A. Kholmetskii. A fast determination of Fe3+/Fe2+ ratio in industrial minerals. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.4, 2001

M. Dondi, G. Guarini, P. Ligas, M. Palomba^1, M. Raimondo. Chemical, mineralogical and ceramic properties of kaolinitic materials from the Tresnuraghes mining district (Western Sardinia, Italy). Applied Clay Science, vol.18 no.3-4, 2001

F. Cravero, E. Domnguez, C. Iglesias. Genesis and applications of the Cerro Rubio kaolin deposit, Patagonia (Argentina). Applied Clay Science, vol.18 no.3-4, 2001

A.F. Tshilombo, R.F. Sandenbergh. An electrochemical study of the effect of lead and sulphide ions on the dissolution rate of gold in alkaline cyanide solutions. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.60 no.1, 2001

K.J. Henley, N.C. Clarke, P. Sauter. Evaluation of a Diagnostic Leaching Technique for Gold in Native Gold and Gold +/- Silver Tellurides. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.1, 2001




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