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Cossio, S. et al, Sampling and assaying of coarse gold at La Herradura-Minera Penmont, Mexico. CIM Bulletin, Vol.97 No.1084, 2004

Yu, S. Ganguli, R. Bandopadhyay, S. Patil, S. L. Walsh, D. E., Calibration of online ash analyzers using neural networks. Mining Engineering, Vol.56 No.9, 2004

Bryson, M.A.W., Mineralogical control of minerals processing circuit design. J. South African IMM, Vol.104 No.6, 2004

Spry, P. G. Chryssoulis, S. Ryan, C. G., Process Mineralogy of Gold: Gold from Telluride-Bearing Ores. JOM, Vol.56 No.8, 2004

Venter, D. Chryssoulis, S. L. Mulpeter, T., Using Mineralogy to Optimize Gold Recovery by Direct Cyanidation. JOM, Vol.56 No.8, 2004

Miller, J.D., and Lin, C.L., Three-dimensional analysis of particulates in mineral processing systems by cone beam X-ray microtomography. Minerals & Metallurgical Processing, Vol.21 No.3, 2004

Vaughan, J. P., The Process Mineralogy of Gold: The Classification of Ore Types. JOM, Vol.56 No.7, 2004

Zhou, J. Y. Cabri, L. J., Gold Process Mineralogy: Objectives, Techniques, and Applications. JOM, Vol.56 No.7, 2004

Chryssoulis, S. Dunne, R. Coetzee, A., Diagnostic Microbeam Technology in Gold Ore Processing. JOM, Vol.56 No.7, 2004

Knipe, S. W. Chryssoulis, S. L. Clements, B., Flaky Gold: Problems with Recovery and Mineralogical Quantification. JOM, Vol.56 No.7, 2004

G.C. Anderson, Development and application of new NOLA technology at Cleveland Cliffs. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol.21 No.1, 2004

Th. Perraki, A. Orfanoudaki, Mineralogical study of zeolites from Pentalofos area, Thrace, Greece. Applied Clay Science, Vol.25 No.1-2, 2004

E.G. Palacios, G. Juarez-Lopez, A.J. Monhemius, Infrared spectroscopy of metal carboxylates - II. Analysis of Fe(III), Ni and Zn carboxylate solutions. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.1-2, 2004



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