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M. Valix, J.Y. Tang, W.H. Cheung. The effects of mineralogy on the biological leaching of nickel laterite ores. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.11, 2001

R.-Y. Wan, Importance of metallurgical research on refractory gold ore processing. Mining Engineering Vol. 53 Number 11, November 2001

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M. Valix, J.Y. Tang, R. Malik. Heavy metal tolerance of fungi. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.5, 2001

A. Mazuelos, I. Palencia, R. Romero, G. Rodriguez, F. Carranza. Ferric iron production in packed bed bioreactors: influence of pH, temperature, particle size, bacterial support material and type of air distributor. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.5, 2001

Z. Sadowski. Effect of biosorption of Pb(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II) on the zeta potential and flocculation of Nocardia sp.. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.5, 2001

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M.I. Sampson, C.V. Phillips. Influence of base metals on the oxidising ability of acidophilic bacteria during the oxidation of ferrous sulfate and mineral sulfide concentrates, using mesophiles and moderate thermophiles. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.3, 2001

T. Das, P.K. Sen. Bio reactor simulation and modeling for a gold bio leaching process. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.3, 2001

A. Ajbar. On the existence of oscillatory behavior in unstructured models of bioreactors. Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.56 no.5, 2001

S. Foucher, F. Battaglia-Brunet, I. Ignatiadis, D. Morin. Treatment by sulfate-reducing bacteria of Chessy acid-mine drainage and metals recovery. Chemical Engineering Science, vol.56 no.4. 2001

M. Valix, F. Usai, R. Malik. Fungal Bio-Leaching of Low Grade Laterite Ores. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.2, 2001

T.L. Deng, M.X. Liao, M.H. Wang, Y.-W. Chen, N. Belzile. Enhancement of Gold Extraction from Biooxidation Residues Using an Acidic Sodium Sulphite-Thiourea System. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.2, 2001

A. Esposito, F. Pagnanelli, A. Lodi, C. Solisio, F. Veglio. Biosorption of heavy metals by Sphaerotilus natans: an equilibrium study at different pH and biomass concentrations. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.60 no.2, 2001

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J.Y. Witne, C.V. Phillips. Bioleaching of Ok Tedi Copper Concentrate in Oxygen- and Carbon Dioxide-Enriched Air. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14, no.1, 2001

Z. Aksu. Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of cadmium(II) biosorption by C. vulgaris in a batch system: effect of temperature. Separation and Purification Technology, vol.21 no.3, 2001

B. Volesky. Detoxification of metal-bearing effluents: biosorption for the next century. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

S.N. Groudev, P.S. Georgiev, I.I. Spasova, K. Komnitsas. Bioremediation of a soil contaminated with radioactive elements. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

K. Bosecker. Microbial leaching in environmental clean-up programmes. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

W. Krebs, R. Bachofen, H. Brandl. Growth stimulation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria for optimization of metal leaching efficiency of fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

D.B. Johnson. Importance of microbial ecology in the development of new mineral technologies. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

D.E. Rawlings. The molecular genetics of thiobacillus ferrooxidans and other mesophilic, acidophilic, chemolithotrophic, iron- or sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

G. Rossi. The design of bioreactors. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

M. Tsezos. Biosorption of metals. The experience accumulated and the outlook for technology development. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

J.R. Lloyd, A.N. Mabbett, D.R. Williams, L.E. Macaskie. Metal reduction by sulphate-reducing bacteria: physiological diversity and metal specificity. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

Z. Liu, F. Borne, J. Ratouchniak, V. Bonnefoy. Genetic transfer of IncP, IncQ and IncW plasmids to four Thiobacillus ferrooxidans strains by conjugation. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

C.A. Jerez. Chemotactic transduction in biomining microorganisms. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

R.C. Blake, K. Sasaki, N. Ohmura. Does aporusticyanin mediate the adhesion of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to pyrite?. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

K. Kamimura, K. Kunomura, S. Wakai, K. Murakami, T. Sugio. Some properties of a novel obligately autotrophic iron-oxidizing bacterium isolated from seawater. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

T. Pumpel, C. Ebner, B. Pernfusz, F. Schinner, L. Diels, Z. Keszthelyi, A. Stankovic, J.A. Finlay, L.E. Macaskie, M. Tsezos, H. Wouters. Treatment of rinsing water from electroless nickel plating with a biologically active moving-bed sand filter. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

A. Hatzikioseyian, M. Tsezos, F. Mavituna. Application of simplified rapid equilibrium models in simulating experimental breakthrough curves from fixed bed biosorption reactors. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

R.P. de Carvalho, K.J. Guedes, M.V.B. Pinheiro, K. Krambrock. Biosorption of copper by dried plant leaves studied by electron paramagnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

H.L. Ehrlich. Past, present and future of biohydrometallurgy. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

G.S. Hansford, T. Vargas. Chemical and electrochemical basis of bioleaching processes. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

W. Sand, T. Gehrke, P.-G. Jozsa, A. Schippers. (Bio)chemistry of bacterial leaching-direct vs. indirect bioleaching. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

H. Tributsch. Direct versus indirect bioleaching. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

J.A. Brierley, C.L. Brierley. Present and future commercial applications of biohydrometallurgy. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

C.L. Brierley. Bacterial succession in bioheap leaching. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

T.A. Fowler, P.R. Holmes, F.K. Crundwell. On the kinetics and mechanism of the dissolution of pyrite in the presence of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

Y. Konishi, M. Tokushige, S. Asai, T. Suzuki. Copper recovery from chalcopyrite concentrate by acidophilic thermophile Acidianus brierleyi in batch and continuous-flow stirred tank reactors. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

Biochemistry of sulfur extraction in bio-corrosion of pyrite by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

J.M. Bigham, T.M. Bhatti, A. Vuorinen, O.H. Tuovinen. Dissolution and structural alteration of phlogopite mediated by proton attack and bacterial oxidation of ferrous iron. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

H. Brandl, R. Bosshard, M. Wegmann. Computer-munching microbes: metal leaching from electronic scrap by bacteria and fungi. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.59 no.2-3, 2001

A. Schippers, P.-G. Jozsa, Z.M. Kovacs, M. Jelea, W. Sand. Large-scale experiments for microbiological evaluation of measures for safeguarding sulfidic mine waste. Waste Management, Vol.21 no.2, 2001

F. Glombitza. Treatment of acid lignite mine flooding water by means of microbial sulfate reduction. Waste Management, Vol.21 no.2, 2001

P. Kaewsarn, Q. Yu. Cadmium(II) removal from aqueous solutions by pre-treated biomass of marine alga Padina sp. Environmental Pollution, vol.112, no.2, 2001



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