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MEI Online: Comminution: Latest News: July 15th 2010


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:: JKTech Introduces a new Generation of Ore Breakage Characterisation

JKTech has today announced the worldwide launch of its new ore breakage characterisation tool, the JK Rotary Breakage Tester (JKRBT).

The innovative JKRBT rapidly generates highly repeatable ore breakage data for use in the design of AG/SAG mills and crushers for new projects or for existing plant optimisation projects. This data also has value for geometallurgical applications such as contributing to resource valuation and mine planning.

Extensive validation trials at the JK Centre and selected in-house mining company laboratories around the world have shown that an ore breakage characterisation test with the JKRBT delivers very similar breakage results to an equivalent JK Drop Weight Test in significantly less time. The breakage result repeatability of the JKRBT has also proven to be exceptional, making JKRBT ore breakage characterisation parameters very reliable.

JKTech acting CEO Dr Dan Alexander said “The JKRBT, its test procedure and corresponding new breakage model are the result of over 4 years of R&D, testing and validation by the JKMRC, in conjunction with industry. JKTech is very excited about delivering this important research outcome to the minerals industry. Ore breakage characterisation is integral to many of JKTech’s products and services and we see the JKRBT greatly enhancing this capability and hence our overall value proposition to the minerals industry."

The Australian specialist mining and mineral processing equipment manufacturer, Russell Mineral Equipment Pty Ltd (RME) designed the production model JKRBT. RME will also build and service the JKRBT product under an exclusive licence to JKTech.

RME itself has a strong research and development history and a proven track record in developing complex and reliable machine systems. This collaboration, initially with JKMRC, and now with JKTech for product commercialisation, combine the best of all three organisations.

Managing Director of RME, Dr John Russell commented that “apart from our capacity to design and manufacture quality machine systems such as the JKRBT, RME is well-placed to provide after-sales support for the machine on-site globally. We are pleased to be involved with this project, and are looking forward to JKRBT customers being able to enhance their mine site and processing productivity with this equipment."




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