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:: Eriez® Trunnion Magnets Extend Equipment Life and Increase Milling Throughput


Powerful Eriez® Trunnion Magnets offer maximum performance to help extend pump and hydrocyclone life and increase milling throughput by as much as five percent. They effectively remove more than 90 percent of worn and broken grinding media from ball/SAG mill discharge. By eliminating these potentially destructive pieces, damage to downstream equipment is significantly reduced.

As ore is discharged, it is mixed with residual and broken steel balls that are harder than the ore. If these rigid steel balls are not removed from the process, it often causes extensive and costly damage to the pumps and cyclones that are located downstream.

Positioned at the discharge of the mill, the Trunnion Magnet consists of an arc of permanent magnets surrounding almost half of a blind trunnion extension. As the trunnion rotates, the powerful magnetic circuit aggressively attracts and holds the steel balls to the inner surface of the trunnion. The steel balls are carried to the top of the trunnion where the magnetic arc terminates, thereby releasing the balls, which subsequently fall into a hopper and chute.

These powerful separators are easy to install, operate and maintain. They feature a simple design and rugged construction to withstand harsh applications. With permanent magnet elements that require no power, operating expenses are also reduced.


Eriez suggests that customers compare the performance of a Trunnion Magnet to the existing operations, especially if the goal is to reduce expenses and improve output. Retrofitting a ball mill with a Trunnion Magnet is easy to accomplish, particularly when the benefits are weighed against the cost.




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