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:: CEEC Recognition: Apply for 2017 CEEC Medal


Now recognised by the industry as the pre-eminent award for advances in comminution energy efficiency, the CEEC Medal attracts global attention and interest, publicity of the winning paper and author/s through CEEC’s network leading communication networks and media contacts, announcement of medal winning paper in specific industry media news and more. CEEC’s Directors invite you to submit your application now, or to nominate others. Visit CEEC’s web site where you will find the application details. Applications close on March 15, 2017.


The CEEC Medal is an annual award intended to recognise and celebrate outstanding published papers, articles or case studies describing beneficial strategies for energy-efficient comminution. Submissions must be of a standard suitable for technical review, and written and or presented within the past 18 months.

“The CEEC Medal is intended to promote and reward “best-in-class” research or industrial practice in the field of energy-efficient comminution. This area of mineral processing provides significant opportunities for improved profit and energy efficiency gains in the mining industry” noted CEEC Director Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic.

The CEEC Medal raises the status of beneficial energy-efficient comminution strategies by:

  • Recognising and celebrating individuals or teams who make an outstanding contribution in the field of productive energy-efficient comminution strategies.
  • Acknowledging individuals or teams who contribute to building global knowledge of productive energy-efficient comminution practices by sharing examples of best practice and leadership in energy-efficient comminution and inspiring similar excellence in others.
  • Identifying those who build greater awareness and understanding in the wider community of the benefits of knowledge transfer in the area of energy-efficient comminution and energy productivity.

Selection process

The CEEC Technical Review Committee reviews the nominated papers assessing aspects such as originality, applicability, supporting research and documentation, prospective impact, potential energy savings, and presentation style. Studies including details of measured energy improvements and financial benefits from energy efficient processing, achieved or potential, will attract extra weight in selecting the CEEC Medal in 2017.

CEEC welcomes nominations and will consider them in two categories: The 2017 CEEC Medal for Research and the 2017 CEEC Medal for Operations. Each addresses an important area of endeavour in the pursuit of energy efficient comminution in mining.


  • Publicity of Medal winning paper in specific industry media e.g. AusIMM Bulletin, MEI, International Mining, investor community publication, sustainability journal etc pending copyright.
  • Publicity of CEEC Medal winner in CEEC media releases, CEEC newsletters and on CEEC’s web site.
  • Authorised use of CEEC Medal winner’s logo on letterhead, newsletters, web site, in investor bulletins, etc by the company/institution whose employee/s win the CEEC Medal.
  • Global recognition as the outstanding contributor/s of beneficial energy-efficient comminution strategies in that year.
  • Presentation of the CEEC Medal at a prestigious industry event, acknowledging the Medal winners and their work.




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