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MEI Online: Comminution: Latest News: February 8th 2019


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:: CEEC’s Global Reach Boosted by New Directors and Advocates


The Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC) announces a revitalised leadership team to extend its global reach and strengthen engagement across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia. CEEC Director Joe Pease welcomes three new directors to the board:

  • Marc Allen is a Singapore-based energy and emissions expert with a background in minerals processing. Mr Allen has extensive experience in conducting energy audits across mining operations in the Asia-Pacific region, and expertise in renewables, energy costs, business case and risk evaluation.
  • Chris Rule is a South Africa-based specialist with extensive minerals processing and operational experience including senior management, projects, and design for concentrating, smelting and refining. Mr Rule brings global knowledge of fine grinding and sensor sorting installations to the role.
  • Nick Wilshaw is a UK-based expert on grinding with experience spanning R&D, product development, production and product marketing, with expertise in plant specification design, commissioning and improvement. Mr Wilshaw has a passion for reducing energy use via innovative fine grinding approaches.

Mr Pease also welcomes two new advocates:

  • John Visser, a Perth-based processing expert with extensive practical industry experience across Africa and the Asia-Pacific, including study and project management, plant design and optimisation.
  • Romke Kuyvenhoven is a Santiago-based metallurgist with expertise in energy efficient process design. She is involved in professional education, industry research and productivity projects, and brings an expansive professional network across South America, North America and Europe to the role.

Mr Pease said CEEC’s mission was to share energy-efficient comminution and mineral processing solutions to help miners to lower costs, increase productivity, improve value and reduce their footprint. “Through these new appointments, we are ensuring that CEEC has experienced leaders strategically positioned around to world to keep us fully engaged with the issues facing comminution and mineral processing site specialists as well as the broader business challenges facing mining companies,” he said.

“Our new directors and advocates are actively engaged in their regions and internationally. They will help strengthen our network of mining leaders, technical experts and researchers, and keep us in touch with the latest innovations and leading comminution practices worldwide. “We look forward to expanding our collaborations, partnerships and projects in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.”

CEEC advocates support CEEC’s mission by engaging with and presenting to the global mining industry in their regions, helping industry share benefits and options to achieve energy-efficient mineral processing.

This helps industry assess options to take up lower footprint mining now and in the future. Mr Pease said this next phase of CEEC’s business strategy signalled a renewed commitment to extending its global reach and collaborative partnerships.

“Our mission is to share energy-efficient comminution and minerals processing solutions to help miners achieve lower costs, reduced footprint, greater productivity and enhanced value. We look forward to collaborating with more mining, METS and research organisations in this shared initiative worldwide,” he said.

CEEC is a not-for-profit registered charity funded entirely by sponsorship from mining and METS companies. Its board and advocates are engaged in a voluntary capacity.




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