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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Aluminium: Latest News: April 25th 2005


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:: Alcoa, Nova Pb and St. Lawrence Partnership will Recycle Spent Potlining into Cement Additive

Alcoa Canada Primary Metals and Nova Pb are pleased to announce that they have concluded a multi-year agreement to recycle spent aluminum potlining, a hazardous industrial waste, and other wastes generated by Alcoa's Quebec smelters, into a commercial product called CALSiFrit. "This contract reflects Alcoa's commitment to support sustainable solutions to environmental challenges that confront the aluminum industry" said Mr. Jean-Pierre Gilardeau, president of Alcoa Canada Primary Metals.

Following more than 3 years of development and full scale commercial trials, this privately funded project is an excellent example of sustainable development at work in Quebec. The three companies involved in this environmental project are Alcoa, Nova Pb and St. Lawrence Cement, a major global cement manufacturer with cement production located in Joliette, Quebec. Also, significant research in this project was provided by the University of Sherbrooke. CALSiFrit technology, developed by Nova Pb, recycles spent aluminum potlining into a supplementary cementing material that enhances the performance characteristics of Portland cement. The process recycles 100% of incoming waste material, with no solid or liquid waste created that is not 100% recycled or re-used.

This project will recycle over 50,000 mt of industrial residue during this approximately 3 year period. In addition, as a partial replacement of Portland Cement, it will result in a net reduction of over 70,000 mt in Greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to the normal production of Portland Cement. "It is also a unique example of three companies from 3 different industries working together in close collaboration with the Quebec Ministry of the Environment to develop a technology that recycles hazardous waste into a valuable commercial material" said Mr. Brian McIver, vice president of Nova Pb.

"St. Lawrence Cement has already secured commercial contracts to consume over 100,000 mt of CALSiFrit providing a new blended cement for our mining sector customers" said Michel Damphousse, Senior Vice-president, Quebec and Atlantic Division.

CALSiFrit, a sister company to Nova Pb, has developed a new technology to recycle spent aluminum pot-lining into a commercial product also called CALSiFrit, which is an additive to Portland Cement that improves the durability and other properties of concrete. For more information, please visit the Web site at: www.novapb.com and www.calsifrit.com.




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