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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Gold: Latest News: December 13th 2007


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:: Haber Announces Successful Gold Recovery Using New Proprietary Extraction Equipment - Trials Recover Gold with Far Higher Speed, Efficiency and Economy

Haber, Inc, a Massachusetts-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of precious metal-bearing ores, announced today that it is has made its first successful pilot runs with its proprietary Aladdin technology in its Massachusetts ore processing facility.

Haber's new processing machine, called Aladdin, is currently being tested through a number of increasingly larger processing trials at its Massachusetts facility, including batch runs of roughly 150 to 200 pounds of ores per run.

Albert B. Conti, president and CEO, said, "I believe the Aladdin machine, coupled with our non-toxic and environmentally friendly extraction and recovery technologies, provides Haber with a clear competitive advantage in the gold processing field. "The experimental nature of our current work and the modest size of the machine allow adjustments and modifications to be made to Aladdin with a minimum of expense. Adding this machine to our overall gold processing approach is the final component needed for a completely integrated system. All the necessary elements in the process are now available to us. The extraction and recovery formulations, optimal chemical economy, maximum efficiency and speed of extraction all achieve their optimum conditions in the Aladdin machine."

A total of approximately 650 pounds of low-grade Bolivian and 100 pounds of high-grade Ghanaian ore have been run through the Aladdin machine to date, with an average processing time of 3 1/2 hours. These test runs resulted in 98 percent extraction and recovery efficiencies.

The company plans to complete the processing of approximately 20 tons of Bolivian, Suriname and Ghanaian ores that it has in inventory. The machine will then be reset to process electronic scrap, and testing will begin on approximately 1,500 pounds of electronic scrap currently on hand.

The Aladdin machine is easily loaded and, when operated, mixes the extraction solution ("lixiviant") into the ore, extracts the gold and puts the gold into solution. It then pre-filters the pregnant gold solution. The gold content in each batch processed is added to that gold previously extracted.

Because of the robustness of Haber's proprietary formulations, little added make-up of chemical components is required for a number of subsequent batches. When a large number of batches of ore have been concentrated (a significant advantage when dealing with low-grade ores), and when the gold concentration is at the desired value, the recovery formulation is added to the pregnant solution, thus producing powdered gold. The current series of tests have suggested further design improvements and modifications to the next generation of Aladdin equipment, which will be built to full industrial scale by an outside machine contractor.

Daniel Dajie, Haber's vice president of commercial operations stated that, "The Aladdin machine's preliminary trials verify the results from our original prototype. We feel comfortable that our approach is correct in that Aladdin's current performance has exceeded expectations with regards to its design-processing capabilities. At the same time, the testing has pointed out further improvements that we will make to the final commercial design. This specialized machine allows Haber to take full advantage of the unique properties of our proprietary hydrometallurgical technology, and Aladdin has achieved the most economical use of chemical components ever achieved by the company while simultaneously providing maximum extraction efficiency."

Conti said future Aladdin machines will be further improved, but the underlying operational concepts will remain the same. "Our immediate objective is to run the Aladdin machine until we exhaust all the gold-bearing materials we have in inventory. Haber has made arrangements to receive supplies of high-grade ore which will be shipped from the western U.S. early next year and which will be used to support monthly production requirements. We are also seeking additional gold concentrates and other gold-bearing materials to fill the pipeline as we gain more experience in using Aladdin," he said.

Haber will act as a precious metals broker for various small precious metals processors who have asked the company to assist them with sales into the commodity market. Haber is also in discussions with a number of companies and individuals who control ore bodies, which are currently mining or planning mining operations in the near future regarding joint venture opportunities.

In addition, a number of encouraging developments in Haber's Emerging Technology Division have resulted from the active exploration of new technologies, including minerals technology, and working in collaboration with outside research groups in the areas of unique base metal recovery and alternative fuels.




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