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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Gold: Latest News: August 9th 2008


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:: Haber Inc. Announces Independent Development of a Low Cost Chemical Process to Treat Sulfides in Gold-Bearing Ores

Haber, Inc, a Massachusetts-based company with proprietary technology for environmentally friendly processing of precious metal-bearing ores, announced today that it has developed a low cost process to treat sulfides in ores for use in conjunction with its proprietary gold extraction and recovery technologies and its "Aladdin" ore processing machine machine.

Haber independently developed this sulfide reduction process chemistry, dubbed "SRP", specifically to treat refractory sulfide ores. The presence of sulfides in gold ores tends to inhibit the extraction of gold from the ore and represents a processing problem common to the industry. Testing indicates that the Haber sulfide reduction process is superior in speed, cost and temperature range to many other existing techniques.

This new approach is specifically designed for use with Haber's extraction and recovery formulations and with its "Aladdin" machine. This specialized machine, previously reported on in December 2007 and February 2008, allows Haber to take fullest advantage of its hydrometallurgical technologies, achieve the most economical use of chemical components and provides maximum extraction efficiencies. Testing has also shown that use of this new sulfide mitigation process actually enhances the speed and efficiency of Haber's existing extraction and recovery processes, thereby significantly reducing operating costs.

Daniel Dajie, VP of Commercial Development, credited with the development of SRP, stated that, "sulfide ore is a challenge for the mining industry. All of the existing technologies are cumbersome, have high capital costs to implement or are temperature dependent. The SRP system solves those problems. The chemical formulation, coupled with the Aladdin processor, provides a comprehensive proprietary solution. The SRP system is environmentally friendly, fast, economical, and highly efficient and has an extremely low consumption of water and chemicals. The multiplicity of sulfide ores tested using SRP and our proprietary extraction and recovery processes and equipment achieved recovery efficiencies of 94% to 98%."

Albert B. Conti, president, CEO and chairman of Haber stated, "our development of this new sulfide technology will now allow Haber greater ability to economically process low grade gold and precious metal bearing ores containing sulfides, giving us access to a wider range of gold ore types which heretofore were outside our capabilities. Our goal is to maintain, and wherever possible, advance the state of the art in the technologies employed in our core businesses. This approach will continue to present us with opportunities in new business sectors where we see a competitive advantage. Haber will continue to proactively develop or acquire new technologies in the mining, life sciences, energy and related environmentally bio-sustainable fields, either on its own or through joint ventures whenever a promising opportunity presents itself."




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