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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Gold: Latest News: June 23rd 2004

:: Haber Announces Proposal to Ghanaian Government to Alleviate Mercury Usage among Artisinal Miners  

Haber, Inc. a New Jersey-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of gold-bearing ores, has announced that its president, Albert Conti, is returning to Ghana in early June for further talks with Ghanaian government representatives on Haber's proposal to help alleviate the use of mercury among Ghana's thousands of artisanal miners.

The company has proposed the use of Haber's environmentally friendly Haber Gold Process (HGP) to the government for these small-scale miners, and this return trip will review the framework of the proposal, a part of which includes grants and loans to Haber. Detailed working sessions have been scheduled with appropriate government and private entities to fully examine the proposal.

"Our preliminary proposal to the government offers a way to recover gold from Ghana's expansive alluvial deposits by helping artisanal miners use the more effective and environmentally sensitive HGP method of processing gold ore," said Conti. "Alluvial type ore is also ideal for the HGP process, yielding high extraction efficiencies and speed."

Ghana currently has hundreds of thousands of artisanal miners who use mercury to extract gold from alluvial gold deposits. Mercury not only harms the health of the miners but also presents Ghana with severe, long-term environmental consequences. Haber's HGP process extracts gold more efficiently than mercury and can do so in an environmentally safe way.

"This program has enormous potential in both monetary and humanitarian terms and we are fortunate to have the breakthrough technology to make it a practical reality," said Conti. "We are also pleased to be assisted in Ghana by our HGP licensee Gold City, Inc., who will be one of our joint venture partners in any projects initiated."

Conti noted that although Haber has resolved the technical recovery issues and the government of Ghana is extremely supportive, there remain logistical, cultural and competitive interests that must be addressed to implement a successful program.

"We believe that success in Ghana would be a watershed event for artisanal mining and would serve as a model in other African countries and gold mining areas across the globe," said Conti.



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