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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Gold: Latest News: June 23rd 2004

:: Haber Announces the Completion of Analytical Laboratory and Initiation of Pilot Bulk Testing Program  

Haber, Inc. a New Jersey-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of gold-bearing ores, has announced the opening of its analytical testing laboratory, which will be used to support its Minerals Division activities.

This state-of-the-art, minerals processing laboratory in the company's technical facilities in Fort Pierce, Florida, includes sophisticated digestion and laboratory analysis systems, including atomic absorption and inductively coupled-plasma mass spectrometry instruments.

"The significant company resources expended to complete this laboratory reflects our confidence in the near-term potential of our Haber Gold Process (HGP)," said Albert Conti, president of Haber. "This facility will allow our minerals division to respond quickly to customer and internal commercial development projects. It gives us the ability to rapidly complete pilot or process optimization tasks." This analytical lab will be used to assay Gold City's gold ore material during bulk extraction and recovery runs, and to provide support to ongoing precious metals projects.

Haber also reports that it is several weeks away from completion of a second laboratory at the company's technical facilities in Florida, which will be dedicated to the pilot bulk testing of gold ore from the field. This pilot laboratory, in conjunction with the company's analytical lab, will make it possible to determine extraction efficiencies and operating parameters for a specific ore. It also will contain the systems necessary to recover gold after it has been put into solution form. In the interim, the Haber gold recovery process is being tested with completed pilot lab subsystems.

As previously reported, the Haber gold process combined with the Haber gold recovery process, will be used commercially by Gold City Inc., a Haber HGP licensee, in the United States and Ghana.



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