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:: Haber, Inc. to Begin Commercial Recovery of Precious Metals from Electronic Scrap and Gold Ores using Environmentally Friendly Processing

Haber, Inc, a Massachusetts based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of electronic scrap (e-scrap) and precious metal bearing ores, announced today that it has signed a lease agreement for a 3,000 square foot industrial building located in Wakefield, Mass., to begin pilot/commercial operations using its precious metals recovery technologies.

Haber plans to install one precious metals recovery line that will be capable of processing both electronic scrap and gold ore. This small-scale facility will allow the Company to begin production operations on various precious metal bearing materials.

"This is the first of a new and revolutionary type of recycling business model," said Albert B. Conti, president and chief operating officer of Haber Inc. "Learning to optimize our unique operations in this small-scale facility is more focused and cost effective than beginning immediately with a large-scale plant."

There are numerous types of electronic scrap materials that need to be qualified for use with the Haber process and this facility will begin generating the data necessary for a planned scale-up to a larger facility in the United States. The proprietary hydrometallurgical extraction and recovery technology developed by Haber for e-scrap and gold ores requires that the established operating parameters for each type of material be confirmed under production conditions.

"This site will be used to evaluate our process flow configurations and confirm equipment specifications while, at the same time, recovering precious metals, producing various metal compounds and selling them through established sales channels," continued Conti. "Haber has made major advancements in its electronic scrap recovery process and is anxious to demonstrate the unique performance and the overwhelming economic advantages this technology offers when compared to competing recycling processes. Importantly, this facility also affords the Company additional time to weigh and evaluate a number of diverse business opportunities before committing to a larger permanent site location. We anticipate that revenues from batch lots will begin within the next 90 days."




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