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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Iron: Latest News: October 1st 2002

:: CMH Iron Ore Flotation  

Pneumatic flotation technology comprises a small range of specialised non-mechanical devices. They are generally perceived to provide energy savings for fast-floating fine particulate separations. This, however, certainly does not define the limits of their application. Compañía Minera Huasco are currently installing one of the largest iron ore flotation plants in the world at their iron ore pellet plant, based on IMF pneumatic flotation technology from Maelgwyn Mineral Services.

Compañía Minera Huasco, a joint subsidiary of Compañía Minera del Pacífico SA and Mitsubishi Inversiones SA selected the Imhoflot technology for upgrading magnetic concentrates at the iron ore pellet plant, Huasco, Chile. After extensive on-site tests with a range of flotation technologies Maelgwyn Mineral Services and partners Ingeniería de Minerales Ltda. of Antofagasta received the order to design, manufacture and commission a 600t/h magnetite flotation plant. The IMF technology was demonstrated as the only means to achieve the difficult amines-assisted separation.

The three stage plant will use six IMF45 pneumatic cells for silica and silicate removal from levels of more than 3% to 1.2%, while maintaining high iron recoveries. The high performance technology utilises fluid energy for operation, obviating the use of moving parts for mixing and dispersion. Each 4.5m diameter cell incorporates a ceramic DN300 multi-jet self-aspirator, hydraulic froth crowding and internal distribution systems. A microprocessor controls pump flow rates, recycles and levels in all cells. The plant will be commissioned by the end of this year.



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