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:: A Quantum Jump - Gaustecīs new X-type Mega- WHIMS in Operation with 700 tph

It took them 5 years - from the first industrial unit to the biggest WHIMS ever built. And once again the Itaminas Mine in the heart of the Brazilian iron quadrangle in the state of Minas Gerais is the place to be. Where everything started in 2005 with a 120 tph gaustec 3200 the new Mega- WHIMS gaustec® GX 3600 went into operation in July this year, at a capacity of 700 tph. Not by coincidence again the area of one of the largest iron ore deposits in the world became the birthplace of this new class of giant magnetic separators, where huge mining activities require huge equipment capacities.

From the very first moment up to now gaustec is convincing the customers with simple but intelligent solutions, from operators for operators. The implementation of numerous improvements to the well known JONES- WHIMS concept were honored by the market. Easier maintenance, less energy consumption as well as more flexibility by means of more parameters to adjust, i.e. better performance, led to more than 50 gaustec®- WHIMS sold in five years only.

And now with the new model capacities per unit have doubled at almost the same footprint, the same weight, the same energy consumption and the same efficiency, of course:

At the Itaminas plant the new gaustec®-GX 3600 is fed with hematite iron ore < 1 mm with a feed grade of about 54% Fe and 23% SiO2 at a rate of 700 tph, 50% solids. The product of this cobber stage is further upgraded in a second, already existing gaustec®-G 3600 to a final product of plus 66 % Fe and less than 3.0% SiO2. The tailings of the cobber stage are fed to a gaustec®- GHP 150, which works as a scavenger, producing tailings with about 18% Fe and 60 % SiO2. With the future introduction of a grinding circuit for better liberation it is expected that the iron in the tailings can be reduced to less than 10% Fe, since by now only natural iron ore fines are processed.




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