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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Lithium: Latest News: December 17th 2014


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:: Strategic Relationship to Test Commercial Potential of Cinovec Lithium Resource


European Metals Holdings Limited is currently completing a Scoping Study on the Cinovec project which is located in the Czech Republic, 100 km NW of the capital, Prague close to the border with Germany.

The tin and tungsten mineralisation at Cinovec lies coincident with lithium mineralisation. As such, during the processing of this tin mineralisation, a waste tail containing significant quantities of lithium is produced. This lithium was historically concentrated by magnetic means to produce a lithium concentrate which then used to produce a lithium carbonate based on a sulphate processing route.

Cobre Montana through its alliance with Perth Based Strategic Metallurgy has the ability to use its licensing rights, and knowhow to extract lithium from the micas that occur within the mineralized zones at Cinovec.

The CXB technology not only provides a low power process for lithium carbonate production, it has the added benefits of recovering other metals form the mica, in particular potassium, which can be recovered as potassium sulphate, a valuable component of fertilizers. It is also possible to recover rare metals from the mica.

Based on these advantages, EMH has entered into a MOU with CXB which will allow Perth-based CXB to undertake test work over the next six months that will culminate in the presentation of a commercial development proposal to EMH.

Keith Coughlan, Managing Director of EMH said, "I am excited about the agreement with Cobre Montana as the lithium, potassium and rare metal credits could be very significant for the Cinovec project. The project is situated on the border with Germany which is a large scale user of lithium carbonate for its extensive lithium battery manufacturing that is used in its internal automotive and manufacturing sector. This could provide not just a ready market for the offtake of this material, but opens numerous possibilities for strategic alliances with end users of this product".




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