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Taegong Ryu, Junho Shin, Seyed Majid Ghoreishian, Kang-Sup Chung, Yun Suk Huh, Recovery of lithium in seawater using a titanium intercalated lithium manganese oxide composite, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 184, 2019

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Taegong Ryu, Dong-Hee Lee, Jae Chun Ryu, Junho Shin, Kang-Sup Chung, Young Ho Kim, A lithium selective adsorption composite by coating adsorbent on PVC plate using epoxy-silica hybrid binder, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 183, 2019

Hui Guo, Ge Kuang, Hao Wan, Yi Yang, Hai-zhao Yu, Hai-dong Wang, Enhanced acid treatment to extract lithium from lepidolite with a fluorine-based chemical method, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 183, 2019

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G. Han, D. Gu, G. Lin, Q. Cui, H. Wang, Recovery of lithium from a synthetic solution using spodumene leach residue, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 177, 2018

G. Kuang, Y. Liu, H. Li, S. Xing, F. Li, H. Guo, Extraction of lithium from ß-spodumene using sodium sulfate solution, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 177, 2018

D. Dutta, A. Kumari, R. Panda, S. Jha, D. Gupta, S. Goel, M. Kumar Jha, Close loop separation process for the recovery of Co, Cu, Mn, Fe and Li from spent lithium-ion batteries, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 200, 2018

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H. Wang, Y. Zhong, B. Du, Y. Zhao, M. Wang, Recovery of both magnesium and lithium from high Mg/Li ratio brines using a novel process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 175, 2018

L. Zhang, L. Li, D. Shi, X. Peng, F. Song, F. Nie, W. Han, Recovery of lithium from alkaline brine by solvent extraction with ß-diketone, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 175, 2018

N. Vieceli, C.A. Nogueira, M.F.C. Pereira, F.O. Durão, C. Guimarães, F. Margarido, Recovery of lithium carbonate by acid digestion and hydrometallurgical processing from mechanically activated lepidolite, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 175, 2018

M.G. Aylmore, K. Merigot, Z. Quadir, W.D.A. Rickard, N.J. Evans, B.J. McDonald, E. Catovic, P. Spitalny, Applications of advanced analytical and mass spectrometry techniques to the characterisation of micaceous lithium-bearing ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

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S. Wang, P. Li, X. Zhang, S. Zheng, Y. Zhang, Selective adsorption of lithium from high Mg-containing brines using HxTiO3 ion sieve, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 174, 2017

K. Meng, Z. Wang, H. Guo, X. Li, J. Wang, A compact process to prepare LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material from nickel-copper sulfide ore, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 174, 2017

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S. Bian, D. Li, D. Gao, J. Peng, Y. Dong, W. Li, Hydrometallurgical processing of lithium, potassium, and boron for the comprehensive utilization of Da Qaidam lake brine via natural evaporation and freezing, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 173, 2017

J. Song, T. Huang, H. Qiu, X. Li, T. He, Recovery of lithium from salt lake brine of high Mg/Li ratio using Na[FeCl4 * 2TBP] as extractant: Thermodynamics, kinetics and processes, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 173, 2017

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S. Li, D. Lu, X. Chen, X. Zheng, X. Li, H. Chu, Y. Wang, Industrial application of a modified pilot-scale Jameson cell for the flotation of spodumene ore in high altitude area, Powder Technology, Vol. 320, 2017

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