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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Nickel: Latest News: April 8th 2004


:: Remarkable results for High Sensitivity High Speed Nickel Sorter  

UltraSort a manufacturer of large tonnage high accuracy ore sorters is pleased to announce the release of it new wide belt random stream Nickel Sorter. This Em machine which has belts speeds up to 6M/second and is a first the field. This machine has been extensively trialled on material from a major international Nickel producer with spectacular results.

UltraSortís Nickel sorter utilises its patented technique that has been well proven in its random stream radiometric machine. This allows the rocks to be present anywhere on the belt not just in single file in one two or even 8 channels. A matrix of sensors combines with the field proven laser scanning technology allows this machine to sort smaller material at high feed rates. The machines sort from 6 300mm with feed rates up to 250T/hr with up to 99% accuracy.

The equipment runs under computer control, using an off the shelf MMI system. This easily allows the operations staff to adjust and monitor the machines remotely. Engineers can run diagnostics to on the equipment to ensure that it is running at the optimum level. A menu driven system allows operators with minimal of training to adjust the machines for various conditions and for high grade or low grade product streams.

A full scale demonstration and test unit is available for bulk testing rocks up to 65mm at UltraSorts Sydney facility. In addition rapid bench test are available at no cost to provide a quick assessment for clients.

UltraSort have machines installed and serviced world wide, including Canada, Australia, Africa, Americas and Europe. These plants have been maintained by Ultrasorts personnel for many years at low cost to the clients.



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