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:: Enpar Seeks Worldwide Patent for ExtrEL

Enpar Technologies has applied for worldwide patent protection for its ExtrEL leaching technology as the company prepares to commercialize the process.

The ExtrEL process can extract up to 77% of the nickel from sulphide mine tailings, says Enpar. Using the technology also cuts the potential of tailings to generate acid drainage significantly. The elimination of acid-generating potential will reduce the industry's liability for long-term tailings management.

Enpar estimates that the value of recoverable nickel contained in historical mill tailings deposits worldwide could exceed $100 billion. Northern Ontario's Sudbury mining camp alone contains an estimated nickel value in tailings of tens of billions of dollars. Thus, the ExtrEL leaching technology promises to create spectacular business opportunities for its developer and increased profits for its customers.

Learn how ExtrEL, a form of electrochemically enhanced leaching, works by clicking on "Metals Recovery" under the Our Products section at www.Enpar-Tech.com.




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