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11th International Platinum Symposium
June 21-24, 2010
Sudbury, Canada

Every 4 years or so since 1970 academic researchers, government geologists, and industry geologists have gathered together to discuss current research on the geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and origin of platinum group element (PGE) and nickel-copper-(PGE) deposits. Past meetings have been held in Melbourne (Australia), Denver and Billings (USA), Pretoria and Rustenberg (South Africa), Toronto (Ontario), Espoo and Oulu (Finland), Perth (Western Australia), and Moscow (Russia).

The 11th IPS was in June 2010 on the Laurentian University campus in Sudbury, Ontario and was attended by 295 participants (244 professionals and 51 students) from 26 countries, including Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, People’s Republic of China, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, and Zimbabwe. The meeting included:

Three pre-meeting workshops: PGE in Mantle Melts organized by Steve Barnes (CSIRO) and Marco Fiorentini (U Western Australia), PGE-Chromite Connection organized by Jim Mungall (U Toronto), and Layered Intrusions organized by Jim Miller (U Minnesota-Duluth) and James Scoates (UBC).

Three and a half days of technical sessions, including 86 morning-afternoon oral presentations and 57 late-afternoon poster presentations: PGE Deposits organized by Dave Peck (Consultant) and Gordon Chunnett (U Witwatersrand), Ni-Cu-(PGE) Deposits organized by Michael Lesher (LU) and Peter Lightfoot (Vale), PGE Geochemistry organized by Sarah-Jane Barnes and James Brenan (U Toronto), and PGE Mineralogy and Beneficiation organized by Michelle Huminicki (Brandon U) and Paul Sylvester (Memorial U). The meeting was opened by Christine Kaszycki (Ontario Assistant Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals) and keynote speakers included Tony Naldrett (U Toronto/U Witwatersrand), Jean-Pierre Lorand (CNRS-Paris), Ed Ripley (Indiana U), and Louis Cabri (Consultant). Ray Goldie (Salman Partners) gave an evening public lecture. The meeting was dedicated in honour of Reid Keays, who co-organized the first IPS in Melbourne and who has been a world leader in PGE research.

Nine pre- and post-meeting field trips organized by Michael Easton (OGS) and Dave King (Quadra-FNX): Levack Mine and North Range SIC led by Steve Dunlop, Steven Gregory, and Renée Parry (Quadra-FNX) and Walter Peredery (Consultant), McCreedy West Mine and North Range SIC led by Roger Lichty, Mynyr Hoxha, and Thomas Maxwell (Quadra-FNX) and Walter Peredery (Consultant), Podolsky Mine and Whistle Offset led by Judd Fee and Chelsey Protulipac (Quadra-FNX), Sudbury Footwall Deposits planned by Jake Hanley (St Mary’s) and led by Mike Sweeny (Xstrata) and Attila Péntak (Wallbridge), Sudbury Contact and Offset Deposits led by Paul Golightly (Consultant) and Ed Pattison (Consultant), Abitibi Komatiites and Ni-Cu-(PGE) Mineralization led by Michel Houlé (GSC), Sonia Préfontaine (OGS), and Brian Atkinson (OGS), Lake Superior Ni-Cu-(PGE) and PGE-(Cu)-(Ni) led by Jim Miller (U Minnesota-Duluth) and Mark Smyk (OGS), and River Valley PGE-Cu-Ni led by Mike Easton (OGS), Richard James (LU), and Scott Jobin-Bevans (Caracle Creek).

Three laboratory tours: Ontario Geoscience Laboratories led by Ed Debicki and Marcus Burnam (OGL), MIRARCo 3D Virtual Reality Theatre led by Bob Anderson and Pavel Vasak (MIRARCo), and the LU LA-ICP-MS Geochemical Fingerprinting Laboratory led by Balz Kamber and Thomas Ulrich (LU), and the Xstrata Process Support facility led by Lori Kormos.

The meeting was hosted by the Mineral Exploration Research Centre and Department of Earth Sciences at Laurentian University and the Ontario Geological Survey, and was sponsored by Quadra-FNX and Stillwater Mining Company (Platinum Level), the Mineral Exploration Research Centre and Sudbury Geological Discussion Group (Rhodium Level), Marathon PGM, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Society for Geology Applied to Ore Deposits, and the City of Greater Sudbury (Iridium Level), the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada (Osmium Level), and the Society of Economic Geologists and Stillwater Mining Company (Palladium Level).

Readers interested in receiving information about future PGE and Ni-Cu-(PGE) meetings should contact Sarah-Jane Barnes (sarah-jane_barnes@uqac.ca), who manages the MAGSUL_L list server.

Michael Lesher and Pedro Jugo - Laurentian University, Canada





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