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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Titanium: Latest News: September 15th 2008


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:: Austpac is a Finalist for the 2008 Applied Technology of the Year Award

Austpac Resources is pleased to announce that the Company is one of four finalists in the category “Applied Technology of the Year” for the National Mining Awards for 2008.

Austpac is currently demonstrating the proprietary ERMS SR process in a 3,000 tpa plant at Newcastle. ERMS SR is the world’s most versatile, cost effective and environmentally sustainable ilmenite upgrading process.

The ERMS SR process produces the highest grade synrutile (97% TiO2 ); ultra high grade synrutile is a preferred feedstock for making titanium metal. It is the only synrutile process that also produces a saleable iron metal co-product, rather than losing the iron as waste.

ERMS SR is a continuous process that can upgrade any ilmenite, use any fuel, produces no liquid or solid wastes, emits the least CO2 per dollar of revenue by comparison with other upgrading processes, is carbon capture capable, and uses waste heat to generate electricity.

Austpac’s technologies can be also used for “green” recycling in the steel industry waste (waste mill scale and spent pickle liquors are converted to hydrochloric acid and saleable iron), and also to produce iron metal pellets (DRI) from iron ore fines.

The awards will be announced at the Excellence in Mining and Exploration Conference in Sydney on September 16th.




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