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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Uranium: Latest News: October 24th 2003

:: SA Reviews Uranium Mining Process  

A consortium headed by the CSIRO has been chosen by the South Australian Government to conduct a review into the Acid In-Situ Leach uranium mining process.

Minister for Mineral Resources Development Paul Holloway and Environment and Conservation Minister John Hill announced the decision, which was approved by state cabinet last week.

"The $100,000 review will examine the environmental impact of the In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining process which is currently being used at the Beverley mine", Hill said. "The review will consider hydrogeology, groundwater management and impact on aquifers, as well as the management of spills, waste management and surface disturbance. The review was an election commitment made by the Labor Party and a report from the review process is expected to be ready by approximately April 2004.

Holloway added that the Senate Committee on the regulation of uranium mines raised concerns about the In-Situ Leach Mining process. "The state government wants to assure the committee and the South Australian community that uranium mining in this state is under strict supervision",Holloway said. "While I haven't yet received a copy of the Senate Committee's report, it should be emphasised that the state government has been and will continue to be taking action to make sure we know as much as possible about the impact of this process.



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