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MEI Online: Commodities: Non-Metallic Ores: Diamond: Latest News: June 23rd 2005


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:: Optical Sorter Successfully Recovers Merlin Diamonds

In the lead up to the end June 2005 re-commissioning of the Merlin diamond project in Australia, laboratory trials have confirmed the successful recovery of diamonds from the reject tailings.

Mr Ewen Tyler, Chairman of Striker Resources commented "this is a significant milestone as we move to re-commissioning the Merlin project. This testing confirms the underlying assumptions built into Stage 1 where the Company expects to recover 50,000 carats in a 4 month period.

The testing has confirmed that both fluorescing and non-fluorescing Merlin diamonds can be successfully identified and recovered using this state of art optical sorting technique.

This technique does not rely on the fluorescing characteristics of the diamond for identification. Previous sampling of the Merlin sorthouse tailings led to the recovery of 259 diamonds for a combined weight of 17.2cts from 1.8t of sample. Fluorescent tests completed on these diamonds revealed that 40% did not respond to x-ray irradiation and hence were not recoverable using conventional x-ray fluorescent recovery techniques. The x-ray fluorescent technique was the primary and only recovery technique utilized during the historic Merlin mining operations.

As a consequence of the successful completion of these trials, this optical technique will be used as the primary technique to recover diamonds in the +3.5mm to -25mm size range. The -3.5mm diamonds will be recovered using a variety of standard recovery processes including magnetic separation and heavy liquids.

On completion of the construction of a field optical recovery unit, it will be consigned to site where it will be initially integrated into the final stage of the diamond recovery circuit of the MK111 processing plant. The setup of the MK111 DMS plant which is to be used to reprocess the sorthouse tailings is completed with commissioning trials scheduled to commence before end of June.




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