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Proceedings of Computational Modelling '17

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This USB contains papers presented at the MEI Conference held in Falmouth, UK in June 2017.


Computational Modelling 17 USB

The conference proceedings USB is available by emailing Jon Wills. The USB costs £59 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Keynote Lecture: Modelling Multi-phase Minerals Processing Systems
S. Neethling (Imperial College, UK)

Decoupling the impact of rock properties and operational settings on minerals processing performance: a data-driven approach
S. Suriadi, S.J.J. Leemans, K. Burrage, A. Hofstede, M.T. Wynn (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), C. Carrasco (BHP Billiton, Australia), L. Keeney and P. Walters (CRC ORE, Australia)

Statistical considerations for the modelling of comminution processes in mining
A. Hinde (Independent Consultant, South Africa)

What can we learn from single spherical particle breakage: a deeper look from test and numerical study
H. Jiang, J. Sun and Y. D. Zhou (Tsinghua University, China)

Numerical analysis of vertical stirred mills scale-up using discrete element method
D.B. Mazzinghy, R.M. Carvalho, V.A. Rodriguez, L.M. Tavares, C.E. Teixeira Jr., R. Galéry, (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Attritor mill- grinding media dynamics
D. Daraio, H.E. Stitt (Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, UK), M. Marigo, A. Alexiadis and A. Ingram (University of Birmingham, UK)

Using DEM to add value to a laboratory stirred media mill test work program
E. Ford and Q. Reynolds (Mintek, South Africa)

Improving milling operation using uncertainty and global sensitivity analyses
F. Lucay, L.A. Cisternas (Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile), E.D. Gálvez (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile), M. Salez-Cruz (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico

A novel method for efficient modelling of interactions between pulp, charge and mill structure in tumbling mills
P. Jonsén, S. Hammarberg, B.I. Pĺlsson and G. Lindkvist (Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden)

Experimental and numerical study of granular flow using particle methods: application in handling of potassium chloride
S. Larsson, G. Gustafsson, H.Ĺ. Häggblad and P. Jonsén (Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden)

Numerical simulation of cation exchange in fine-coarse seawater slurry pipeline flow
C. Reyes and C.F. Ihle (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

Enhancement of collection of fine particles in a cyclone by ultrasonic nebulizer
B. Wang, S. Li, R. Xin, Y. Zhang and C. Wang (Lanzhou University, China)

Discrete element modelling of vibrating screens
A.A. Harzanagh, E.C. Orhan and S.L. Ergun (Hacettepe University, Turkey)

A continuum based numerical modelling approach for the simulation of WHIMS
R. Rasool and H. Lieberwirth (Institute of Mineral Processing Machines, Germany)

Simplify modelling of particle magnetic induction field based on finite element analysis
J. Ku (Fuzhou University, China)

A review of flotation design methods based on computational optimization
L.A. Cisternas, F. Lucay, R. Acosta (Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile) and E.D. Gálvez (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile)

A three-dimensional numerical framework for the modelling of the pulp phase in froth flotation
G. Bhutani, J.J. Cilliers and P.R. Brito-Parada (Imperial College, UK)

Numerical prediction of fracture in iron ore pellets during handling and transportation
G. Gustafsson, H.-Ĺ. Häggblad, S. Larsson and P. Jonsén (Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden)

Advances in the modelling of pyrometallurgical processes
C. A. Pickles (Queen’s University, Canada)

FEM modelling of the stress and strain behaviour of a DC smelting furnace lining
A.H. Kotze, J.H. Zietsman and S. Kok (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

MI-CFD modelling of parallel flow regenerative kiln
N. Kandamby, T. Abbas, M. Akritopoulos (CINAR Ltd, UK) and Z.G. Habib (LHOIST Group, Belgium)

A hybrid simulation methodology for rotary kilns including granular flow and heat transfer
M.P. Schwarz, P.J. Witt (CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia, M.Sinnott, and P.W. Cleary (CSIRO Data 61, Australia)

Development of hydrometallurgical reactor leaching with modeling and simulation: atmospheric direct leaching of zinc concentrates
M. Lampinen (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland)

Multiple species leaching simulator at the particle scale
F. Reyes, D. Barker, Q. Lin and S.J. Neethling (Imperial College, UK)

Simulation of a high-pressure base metal leaching operation, including control layers and abnormal event detection
J.J. Strydom, J.J. Miskim, J.T. McCoy, L. Auret and C. Dorfling (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)




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