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Finite Element Analysis: Theory and Application with ANSYS
by Saeed Moaveni

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Hardcover - 512 pages 1 edition (March 29, 1999)
Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0137850980
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There are many good textbooks available that cover the theory of finite element modeling. However, none of these textbooks incorporate ANSYS as an integral part of their materials to introduce finite element modeling to the students and the newcomers.

In recent years, the use of finite element analysis as a design tool has grown rapidly. Easy to use comprehensive packages such as ANSYS, a general-purpose finite element computer program, have become common tools in the hands of engineers. This book is written to assist engineering students and practicing engineers new to the field of finite element modeling, to gain a clear understanding of the fundamentals of finite element modeling. the text offers insight into the theoretical aspects of finite element analysis and great care has been exercised to avoid overwhelming students with theory. Yet, enough theoretical background is offered to allow individuals to use ANSYS intelligently and effectively. ANSYS is an integral part of this text.

In each chapter, the relevant basic theory is discussed first and demonstrated using simple problems with hand-calculations. These problems are followed by examples which are solved using ANSYS. The example problems show, in great detail, how to use ANSYS to model and analyze a variety of engineering problems. A number of design problems are also included at the end of each appropriate chapter. The last chapter of the text is devoted to the introduction of design optimization and parametric programming with ANSYS. Finally, throughout the book, the reader is encouraged to get into the habit of finding suitable ways to confirm results.

From Book News, Inc.
A textbook for undergraduate engineering students and professionals in the field new to finite element analysis. Introduces the technique using the general-purpose finite element computer program, ANSYS. Generally avoids deep theory, but provides enough on each topic to allow readers to use the software intelligently. Presents simple problems that can be solved with hand calculations, then more difficult ones that require a computer, in order to set out the steps clearly then show how they translate into automation. A final chapter introduces design optimization and parametric programming. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

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