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MEI Online: Computer Applications: Latest News: January 16th 2004


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:: Gold and Copper Mining Company Improves Throughput by 5 percent using Software Solution from Minnovex, a Gensym Partner

Gensym Corporation, a leading provider of software and services for expert operations management, today announced that gold and copper mining company Northgate Exploration Limited has reported it achieved a 5 percent increase in throughput for its Kemess gold and copper mill through the deployment of a real-time expert system solution using Minnovex Technologies’ MET Solution, which is based on Gensym’s G2 expert system platform. Minnovex is a VAR partner of Gensym.

Northgate’s Kemess mine in northern British Columbia, Canada produces 290,000 ounces of gold and 75 million pounds of copper per year. Their engineers recognized an opportunity to improve grinding efficiency within their milling operation, which separates gold and copper from mineral ores using crushing, grinding, and flotation techniques. To capture this opportunity, Northgate recently deployed a real- time expert system, built using Minnovex’s G2- based MET Solution, into the grinding control circuit. The system applies engineering expertise to constantly monitor power draw, feed rates and other circuit parameters and to make instantaneous modifications that maximize circuit efficiency at all times.

“We have been very pleased with this expert system solution," said Greg Rasmussen, chief metallurgist at Kemess. “It has substantially exceeded our expectations - we originally expected a 3 percent throughput improvement but have actually achieved more than 5 percent. The greater throughput will result in additional annual revenues of $7 million, or more than a 5 percent gain. With the increased revenues and profits realized by this solution, our payback on the project is outstanding - it is a matter of a few months.

“We chose Minnovex to deliver this solution for several reasons, including their proven track record in achieving these types of gains in the mining industry through the use of expert system technology, their combination of mineral processing and computing expertise, and their MET Solution, which led to a rapid development and deployment effort. We look forward to working with Minnovex in the future."


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