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:: Text Book Published - An Introduction to Metal Accounting and Reconciliation

The AMIRA project P754 - Metal Accounting and Reconciliation had two prime deliverables; a Code of Practice and Guidelines for Metal Balancing and supporting research, which produced seven higher degrees.

In support of this project, the JKMRC has published its fourth monograph in the JKMRC Mining and Mineral Processing series. An Introduction to Metal Accounting and Balancing edited by Dr Rob Morrison of the JKMRC with contributions from the P754 Code Development Team and Researchers as well as input from recognised experts in their fields of application.

The monograph addresses the need for a standardised approach to metal accounting in the mineral industry. The Code of Practice is in its third release and is enjoying rapid uptake in the mineral industry.

The Code provides principles, objectives and guides while the monograph is much more a text book and a guide to “how to do it”.

The monograph begins with an overview of the objectives and process of metal accounting. Chapters 2 to 6 provide a detailed guide to process measurement and data management. Chapters 7 to 9 detail data analysis and reporting. The remaining 8 chapters cover metal accounting for specific processes from heap tailing to gold and precious metal (Au and Pt) concentrators through hydromet and pyromet applications and conclude with a comprehensive guide to accounting of the coal preparation and production train.

One application chapter looks to the future with a strategy for metal balancing the ore deposit to final products. As many of the data measurement and data analysis techniques are essentially the same as those required for process development and research, the monograph may also provide a useful reference for mineral processing students and professionals.

The monograph is now available from the JKMRC website and the SAIMM, www.saimm.co.za.




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