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MEI Online: Computer Applications: Latest News: April 7th 2015


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:: DEM Solutions Unveil ‘World First’ in Discrete Element Modelling


DEM Solutions is introducing a ‘world first’ with the launch of the Generic EDEM material model database (GEMM).

The GEMM database addresses one of the key challenges of DEM simulation: getting suitable material inputs for accurate representation of bulk materials. The GEMM database contains thousands of models representing a wide range of materials such as rocks, soils and ores and is particularly suited for engineers in the mining, construction and agriculture industries who design heavy equipment handling such materials.

As real materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes, their flow characteristics can vary greatly and engineers are constantly challenged on how to ensure simulations show real material behaviour. In order to make a material model, engineers need to provide a wide range of inputs, all of which impact on the material behaviour. The traditional approach consists of trial and error and often a great deal of guesswork which can be very time consuming until engineers arrive at the set of parameters which best represent their material.

DEM Solutions has had years of experience in developing and calibrating material models. By applying this extensive experience, the team at DEM Solutions has been able to populate the database with thousands of material models ready to use in their EDEM® simulation software to represent a wide range of material behaviours. This ensures that EDEM users will no longer have to rely solely on guesswork, but will be able to access a material model that reflects the material behaviour that they are looking for.

The system asks users to input a set of basic information about the material to be represented which then triggers a search through the extensive database and returns a recommended material model based on their application and requirements. The database will be freely available to EDEM Users with current software licences who will be able to use the material models directly in EDEM.

Richard LaRoche, DEM Solutions Chief Executive explained: “We are delighted to be launching a world first with the GEMM database. We often hear from customers and prospects that their biggest challenge in using DEM technology is in knowing how to create the material model that best represents the physical material they are dealing with. This unique tool addresses this concern and removes the final barrier for design engineers who have to interpret the impact of different material types on equipment.

EDEM is the must have tool to understanding how equipment will perform; making sure what engineers see on screen is linked to the real world is vital. The GEMM Database makes this easy and for the first time engineers have access to a library of material behaviour. It is all about engineering with confidence."

The Generic EDEM Material Database can be accessed from the DEM Solutions website.

To learn more, join a free live webinar on Wednesday 15th of April, 2015. Details can be found from the Events page on the DEM Solutions website.




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