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:: EDEM eLearning – Your Home for Mastering EDEM Simulation


DEM Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its EDEM eLearning portal – a key platform to support training and development for engineers and students in the field of Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation.

EDEM eLearning offers a range of online video courses developed by the DEM Solutions Engineering team to enable people interested in DEM simulation to learn how to get started and apply EDEM software.

The key benefit of the facility is that users can access materials anytime, anywhere and learn at their own pace. Progress is automatically tracked and registered, which means users can stop and come back at anytime to continue where they left off. A series of quizzes mark the end of each course and gives users the opportunity to evaluate their learning as well as being awarded a certificate of completion.

At launch the EDEM eLearning curriculum offers two main courses:

  • The first course is an introduction to EDEM which includes the basics of setting up, running and analysing a simulation. This is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about how the software works and to see how easy-to-use EDEM’s graphical user interface is. It also supports new users as they get started with the software.
  • The second course fits into DEM Solutions ‘CAE integration’ theme with an ‘Introduction to the EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench’. This has been designed in partnership with ANSYS and targets engineers designing heavy equipment who want to include realistic representations of bulk materials and their complex behaviour in Finite Element Analysis simulations.

Access to EDEM eLearning is completely free. On registering, users can get started right away.

Richard LaRoche, DEM Solutions Chief Executive comments on the new portal: “As the market leader in DEM simulation software, DEM Solutions is delighted to invest in launching the EDEM eLearning platform as part of our vision to promote and encourage the application and adoption of DEM simulation in many manufacturing industry sectors. We’ve seen an increasing level of interest from people who want to learn about DEM and how it can be applied. We’re already providing a wide range of free resources such as our DEM literature database, webinars and case studies. The addition of EDEM eLearning provides a new way of learning and makes DEM Solutions the ‘go-to guys’ for anything to do with DEM. Users can expect to see more courses being added to the portal in the future and we’re welcoming any feedback and requests for additional topics.”

To get started and access EDEM eLearning go to the DEM Solutions website: www.dem-solutions.com/learn




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