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MEI Online: Computer Applications: Latest News: June 27th 2006


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:: Leading Mineral Processing Researchers Adopt EDEM for Simulation of Mineral Comminution and Mill Design

DEM Solutions Ltd, a leading developer of DEM (Discrete Element Method) software solutions, today announces that two world leading mineral processing research groups - the Mineral Processing Research Unit (MPRU) at the University of Cape Town and the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) at the University of Queensland - are to benefit from the latest version of the companies discrete element software, EDEM 1.1.

EDEM 1.1 is the latest update of the companies core DEM product which is used to simulate particulate handling, processing and manufacturing operations in industries ranging from pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and materials processing as well as mining, oil & gas production, geo-mechanics and agriculture.

Malcolm Powell of the MPRU, University of Cape Town, commented: "Crushing and grinding of mineral rock is a highly energy intensive process and rising energy costs mean that the mineral processing industry must continue to improve production efficiency. EDEM will provide us with an advanced DEM simulation capability for use in the analysis and improved understanding of the grinding action in mills, improvement of ball mills and other comminution devices which are key components of mineral processing operations. This will enable us to improve the operational efficiency of these devices and possibly more importantly, extend this knowledge to substantially improved grinding techniques."

The MPRU and JKMRC are major centres of research in the mining and mineral processing sector. They have a world-wide reputation in fundamental and applied research dedicated to improving mineral extraction and processing systems.

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, added: "Both MPRI and JKMRC are recognized centres of excellence within the mineral processing industry. Their incorporation of EDEM into their ongoing R&D activities will help accelerate the wider adoption of EDEM across the sector".




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