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MEI Online: Computer Applications: Latest News: June 30th 2006


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:: DEM Solutions Extends US Market Presence

DEM Solutions, a leading developer of DEM (discrete element method) software solutions, formally announces the opening of its first US office.

Located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, the office will serve DEM’s existing clients and partners in the US as well as extend its presence across industries ranging from pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and materials processing to oil & gas production, geomechanics and agricultural and construction.

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, commented: "Our core product suite - EDEM - is rapidly establishing itself as the platform of choice on which to run granular mechanics and particulate matter simulations across a broad range of industries. A key driver in this adoption is the ability of our software to integrate with other CAE programmes for solid and fluid objects."

EDEM is typically used to simulate particulate handling, processing and manufacturing operations. Applications of EDEM include the simulation and optimisation of processes such as particle attrition and grinding, particle and pill coating, conveyor transport, drum mixing and drying, shot peening, grain handling and soil-tool interactions. It likewise can be seamlessly plugged into Fluent® to perform multiphase simulation of particulates and fluid including solid-fluid transport devices, fluidized beds, filtration and pipe erosion.

DEM’s US office is managed by Dr Peter Weitzman. Dr Weitzman is an experienced leader in all aspects of CAE software including customer support, sales and marketing and software development. Prior to joining DEM Solutions, Dr. Weitzman led software sales and marketing at Concepts NREC, a leading developer of software for the design of rotating fluid machinery.




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