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MEI Online: Computer Applications: Conference Reports: APCOM 2001 and ICAMC 2001


APCOM 2001 and ICAMC 2001
The 4th Regional Symposium on Computer Applications in the Minerals Industries
Tampere, Finland, 3-5 September, 2001

Regional symposium of Apcom 2001 was held during 3 - 5 September in Tampere Hall, Finland. The symposium was fourth of its kind and gathered 85 people from 14 countries around the world to discuss and present 29 papers on new computer applications in mineral industry. At the same time a parallel conference, The 14th International Conference on Automation in Mining, ICAMC 2001, being for the Eastern European was organized on the appointment of World Mining Congress was held with 28 participants and 18 presentations mostly from Poland and Czech Republic. The language of both symposiums was English and they were held in two separate lecture halls with all social events together.

The Regional Apcom 2001 was much based on the "Intelligent Mine" technologies as well as various types of mine modeling and simulation presentations. The programme was divided to various sessions such as: Equipment, safety and environment, Material flow Automation, Structural Modeling, Mine planning and Operation control applications.

The geographic distribution of delegates was as follows: Australia 4, Austria 1, Canada 1, Finland 51, Germany 3, Ghana 1, Norway 1, South Africa 1, Sweden 12, Netherlands 2, United Kingdom 1 and USA 3. Delegates from Nigeria and Saudi Arabia did not arrive.

Although the delegates were few the symposium was a success. All arrangements were well planned and presentations were interesting.

The APCOM 2001 proceedings as well as ICAMC 2001 proceedings can be obtained from:
Helsinki University of Technology, Rock Engineering, P.O.Box 6200, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland:
APCOM 2001 proceedings: ISBN 951-22-5614-2
ICAMC 2001 proceedings: ISBN 951-22-5615-0

Jukka Pukkila, Email: Jukka.Pukkila@hut.fi




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