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Davidson, A.J., and Fray, D.J., Development of a sensor to measure copper in alloys and matte. Trans. IMM, Sect. C., Vol. 108, Sept.-Dec. 1999

FURIONG Gao, F Wang, M Li. A simple nonlinear controller with diagonal recurrent neural network. Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.55 no.7, Dec. 1999

S. Caron, J. Chateauneuf, L. Tardif and M. Bourassa, Automatic control of free cyanide at Yvan-Vezina plant. CIM Bulletin, Vol. 92 no.1035, Oct. 1999.

R Hou. Acoustic monitoring of pipeline flows: particulate slurries. Powder Technology, Vol.106 no.1-2, Nov. 1999

L Bergougnoux. Optical fiber sensor for measuring high particle concentrations. Powder Technology, Vol.105 no.1-3, Nov. 1999

SK Kawatra. An on-line pressure vessel rheometer for slurries. Powder Technology, Vol.105 no.1-3, Nov. 1999

JA Herbst. Object components for comminution system softsensor design. Powder Technology, Vol.105 no.1-3, Nov. 1999

K Tano, A Broussaud. Comparison of control strategies for a hematite processing plant. Powder Technology, Vol.105 no.1-3, Nov. 1999

JG Vanantwerp, RD Braatz. Model predictive control of large scale processes. Journal of Process Control, Vol.10 no.1, Oct.1999

AR Heath. An amperometric method for measuring cyanide in CIP/CIL circuits. Minerals Engineering, Vol.12, no.11, Oct.1999

D Osorio, JR Perez-Correa, A Cipriano. Assessment of expert fuzzy controllers for conventional flotation plants. Minerals Engineering, Vol.12, no.11, Oct.1999

T Dyakowski. On-line monitoring of dense phase flow using real time dielectric imaging. Powder Technology, Vol.104 no.3, Sep. 1999

EJ Roldan-Villasana, RA Williams. Classification and breakage of flocs in hydrocyclones. Minerals Engineering, Vol.12, no.10, Oct. 1999

A Horch, AJ Isaksson. A modified index for control performance assessment, Journal of Process Control, Vol.9 no.6, 1999

CT Chen, ST Peng. Intelligent process control using neural fuzzy techniques, Journal of Process Control, Vol.9 no.6, 1999

JG Vanantwerp, RD Braatz, NV Sahinidis. Globally optimal robust process control, Journal of Process Control, Vol.9 no.5, 1999

B.K. Mishra, Anand Katti and S.P. Mehrotra Particle size monitorring by nucleonic density gauge, Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 16 No. 2, May 1999

C Munoz, A Cipriano. An integrated system for supervision and economic optimal control of mineral processing plants, Minerals Engineering, Vol.12 no.6, June 1999

B. Flintoff , Process control - And where are we going? CIM Bulletin, Vol. 92, March 1999.



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