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40 Isles Road, Indooroopilly, Queensland 4068, Australia

JKTech delivers world class solutions to the mining industry by providing products and services in ore characterisation and process improvement within all areas of the life-of-mine cycle including geology, mining, mineral processing and sustainability.

As the technology transfer company for the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), JKTech has access to leading edge technologies and methodologies. Our holistic, whole of mine approach allows our consultants to optimise our customers processes which increase throughput and production and lead to a more sustainable project.

Technology transfer covers a range of potential delivery mechanisms, including:

  • Commercialisation via spin-off companies, sales of IP and technology licensing
  • In-house JKTech expertise delivered in the form of consulting, specialist products, metallurgical laboratory services and professional development activities directed towards improving the productivity and profitability of mining and mineral processing operations.

Consulting: An experienced team of specialists conduct advanced process performance monitoring and utilise JKTech’s software tools to provide process simulation services for design and optimisation to improve mineral processing plant productivity.

  • Comminution - using JKSimMet and many years of experience, JKTech can quickly and effectively assess comminution plant performance and provide clients with optimisation and design strategies.
  • Flotation - JKTech can evaluate the flotation process and improve performance, involving JKSimFloat and new specialist equipment.
  • Mine-to-mill - building on recent research outcomes, JKTech can provide a complete core-to-concentrate evaluation tool including geometallurgy, blasting, mine planning, comminution and flotation circuit performance.
  • Metallurgical support - JKTech provides metallurgical and technical support services to processing plants lacking onsite metallurgical guidance.
  • Geometallurgy Consulting - JKTech, together with our strategic alliance partner QG, offer the Geomet® system to proactively improve mining process effectiveness and risk management.
  • Risk Management Services - JKTech provides Risk Management Services, focussing on training, expertise and project management, which lead to reduced risk.
  • Sustainability - JKTech, together with our subsiduary SUSOP Pty Ltd, offer consulting and training services in the key sustainable areas of safety, water, environment and social responsibility.

Products: Technology tools which incorporate proven innovations from research to increase mine site profitability.


  • JKSimMet - steady state simulation of comminution and classification circuits
  • JKSimFloat - steady state simulation of flotation circuits
  • JKMultiBal - size-by-assay mass balancing of mineral processing circuits
  • JKSimBlast - simulation and information management for blasting optimisation


  • JK Drop Weight Tester - to determine breakage characteristics of ore samples
  • JK Rotary Breakage Tester - new generation method and machine to determine breakage characteristics of ore samples
  • JK Batch Flotation Cell - increase performance with improved laboratory flotation testing
  • Flotation characterisation equipment - superficial gas velocity probe, air hold-up probe, Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer (APBS) to better understand and improve gas dispersion within flotation cells
  • Blast Movement Monitors - for grade control by reducing ore loss and dilution

Metallurgical Laboratory Services: Ore characteristics and plant performance parameters measured using a range of laboratory and pilot scale test equipment.

  • Comminution testing - JK Rotary Breakage Test, JK Drop Weight Test, SMC Test, Bond Rod and Ball Mill Index Tests, Point Load test, IsaMill Test, High Pressure Grinding Rolls Test
  • Flotation testing - Batch and pilot scale testwork including JK Floatability Index Test, Locked Cycle Tests, Reagent and Process Evaluation Tests
  • Classification testing - Hydrocyclone and Dense Medium Cyclone Tests, Sizing Measurements including sieve sizing, laser sizing and cyclosizing
  • Other testing - including Magnetic Separation Tests, Electrostatic Separation Tests and Gravity Separation Tests

SMI Knowledge Transfer: JKTech offers a range of professional development activities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise from all Centres at the SMI.

  • Introduction to Mineral Processing
  • Mass Balancing Plant Data
  • Using JKSimMet and JKSimFloat for Optimisation of Comminution and Flotation Circuits
  • Statistical Analysis and Design of Experiments
  • Environmental Management in Mining
  • Life of Mine Planning
  • Acid Mine Drainage
  • Social Impact Assessment and Monitoring
  • Cyanide Management
  • Mine Rehabilitation
  • Geometallurgy


Web: www.jktech.com.au
Email: info@jktech.com.au
Tel: +61 73365 5842
Fax: +61 73365 5900



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