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Axis House

The BoardWalk, Cnr Oxford and Victoria Ave, Cape Town, South Africa

Axis House is a mining chemical distributor based in South Africa and Southern Democratic Republic of Congo. The company has product warehoused in Durban, Johannesburg and in the Katanga Province in the DRC. The administrative centres are in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Lubumbashi - where all offices are fully staffed with professional and experienced personnel.

We have a fully staffed and equipped metallurgical laboratory where we focus on flotation optimization with the use of our range of collectors, gangue depressants and frothers to achieve the optimum recoveries and grades - using the latest technology available.


Product range:

  • Rinkalore oxide range - fatty-acid based oxide ore collectors - specifically designed to collect copper and cobalt oxide type minerals such as malachite, heterogenite, chrysocolla and cuprite,
  • AM2 - oxide ore collector
  • Xanthates - a full range of the traditional collectors is available
  • Rinkalore SK range - a newly developed range of liquid sulphide mineral collectors
  • Flocculants - we stock a range of flocculants
  • Sodium hydsrosulphide - NASH
  • Ph modifiers
  • Promoters
  • PAM flocculants
  • Guar coagulants/flocculants
  • Guar depressants
  • Specialised depressants
  • Acids
  • Grinding media
  • Foundry specialities
  • Lubricants
  • Lab chemicals
  • Frothers


Axis House has an innovative approach to the distribution of our reagent range. We have a team dedicated to the research and implementation of process benefits brought about by new reagent technologies. We have recognized that there are many products that have been developed but are not commercially available - it is our mission to allow our customers to evaluate these new reagents.

We are constantly looking at ways for our clients to reduce dosing costs and to improve recoveries and grades. Research is done on the clients' ore at our metallurgical laboratory in Cape Town.


Our management team has a strong export and logistic background and although the team might be young and aggressive, we have more than a century of export experience between us. It is this practical experience that has enabled us to understand our markets and to offer our clients a complete service from reagent design right through to metal production. Daily despatches ensure that we are able to ship those "small" yet important items at short notice, we do our own consolidations.


From reagent design to metal production, Axis House assists the client with their supply chain management ensuring that a comfortable balance is reached between the client stock holding and cash flow. The forward stock plan for each client is displayed to our client on our website and protected by passwords to ensure confidentiality.

From purchase order origination to final delivery, our clients are advised daily of the whereabouts of their cargo. They are given full details of transporters, despatch dates and daily tracking by email or by accessing their tracking schedule on our web site.

Country: South Africa

Web: www.axishouse.co.za
Web: www.mining-technology.com/contractors/chemicals/axis-house/
Email: info@axishouse.co.za
Tel: + 27 21 790 0481

Regional Offices

Axis House Johannesburg - Knightsbridge Manor, Sloane Street Bryanston
Manager: Justine Stubbs

Axis House Lubumbashi - represented by Axis Mining Congo SPRL 69 Ave Industrielle, Lubumbashi, DRC
Manager: Venance Makenga Lukusa




Country: South Africa

Tel: Tel: + 27 21 790 0481

Keywords: Heap leach, Cyanide




Country: South Africa

Tel: 021 5110840
Fax: 021 5102218

Keywords: Reagents




Country: South Africa

Tel: 011 3975120
Fax: 011 397 5502

Keywords: Reagent dosing, Dosing systems




Country: South Africa

Tel: +27 117945902
Fax: +27 117951220

Keywords: Solid-liquid separation, Flocculants, Frothers, Depressants




Country: South Africa

Tel: +27 11 9746585
Fax: +27 11 9746589

Keywords: Pressure filters, Flotation columns, In-line guard screens, Gas spargers, Ceramic valves




Country: South Africa

Tel: +27 11 323 3000
Fax: +27 11 827 8414

Keywords: Chemicals




1052 Schooner Street, Laser Park, Honeydew, Johannesburg, South Africa

Senmin manufactures and markets a range of fit-for-purpose chemicals used in froth flotation and tailings treatment in the mining and mineral processing industries. The company is positioned to become the leader in the African mining extractive market, supplying ore beneficiation chemicals and tailings treatment polymers and application management solutions. The company’s ability to safely handle and distribute and prepare on-site potentially dangerous and difficult chemical reagents is now well recognised. Senmin is committed to the highest levels of safety for the protection of its personnel, plant and customers, thereby ensuring uninterrupted product supply. The company has a 5-Star NOSA rating and is also SABS ISO 14001 and SABS 9001:2000 accredited.

The major product lines include:

  • A range of xanthate powder and liquid formulated products for metal sulphide collection
  • A range of Senkol collectors for improved concentrate mineral grades
  • A range of organic and water soluble Senfroth frothers
  • Sendep depressants; a range of formulated carboxymethylcellulose, guar gums and starches for gangue mineral depression
  • A range of flocculants and coagulants for solid/liquid separation as well as rheology modifiers for enhanced tailings disposal, viscosity modification and improved thickening control
  • Engineering storage, make-up and dosing systems

Country: South Africa

Web: www.senmin.co.za
Email: enquiries@senmin.co.za
Tel: (011) 794 5902 or (011) 794 5053
Fax: (011) 795 1220 or (011) 795 4043

Keywords: Flotation collectors, Flotation frothers, Flotation depressants, Flocculants




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