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MEI Online: Electrometallurgy: Latest News: November 14th 2003

:: eForce On The Move  

Two years of extensive pilotscale evaluation in mineral separation plants has led to the creation of Outokumpu's new eForce line of electrostatic separators.

With the experience of over 50 years in electrostatic technology, Outokumpu Technology Inc. Physical Separation Division has created an improved electrostatic separator. Both a combination and an advancement of prior forms of electrostatic separation, the eForce elbows its way into the minerals industry. Units are now under manufacture for shipment to clients worldwide.

Based on the success of the eForce design, Outokumpu has enabled improvement on existing High Tension Roll (HT) separators by providing an electrode retrofit kit. Side by side comparisons have shown immediate benefits of the new eForce electrode. Separation efficiencies are increased by 10-15% over prior art electrodes and are applicable to a multitude of older HT makes and models. The eForce electrode kit has already been retrofitted into the rougher HT circuit of an existing mineral sands plant and more orders have already come in.

In addition to the many obvious performance gains, the eForce electrode offers a unique operating and maintenance advantage over other retrofit electrodes: robustness. The eForce electrode array is constructed of special materials that make breakage and cracking impossible.



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