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MEI Online: Electrometallurgy: Latest News: March 1st 2002

:: Electrometals EMEW Technology Now Considered Mainstream  

The Electrometals Technologies Ltd EMEW electrowinning technology has become a mainstream technology alternative to conventional electrowinning designs. Based on the principle of improved transfer of cations to the cathode through the use of forced flow in a tubular electrowinning cell, the EMEW design offers improved current efficiency, higher current density, a compact design which is fully enclosed allowing recovery of electrowinning gases along with operating flexibility.

EMEW technology has evolved over the past decade and now offers both plating (150mm diameter) and powder (200mm diameter) production cells. The plating cell is harvested in much the same manner as conventional electrowinning products whilst the powder cell design offers fully automatic operation using periodic flushing of powder product. The powder design has been proven effective and economic at removing metal values from solution to as low as 1ppm.

In excess of 2100 EMEW cells are currently installed with expectations to double this number by the end of 2002. Typical applications that benefit from using EMEW include direct electrowinning of metals from acid mine drainage, replacement of Merrill Crowe precipitation gold and silver plants, brass recycling, dump and heap leach mining projects, EAF dust treatment and recovery of metals from industrial waste streams. EMEW technology can be considered in combination with SX and IX or as a stand alone solution recovering metals from levels previously thought uneconomic.


Pilot installation for recovery of copper and nickel.
Cells shown in foreground are powder production
units which are elevated to allow automatic flushing.
Lower cells in background (at 90 degrees) are plating
cells requiring an overhead crane for harvesting of cathodes.

Electrometals are able to assist with leaching chemistry and can offer EMEW testing in Australia, Canada and Chile. Electrometals can confidently directly scale up EMEW plants from laboratory testing, and pilot units can be made available.

EMEW technology can be applied to economically recover quantities ranging from a few kilograms to many tonnes of product per day at competitive installation costs and class winning operating costs.



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