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Doughty, G.R., and Fray, D.J., Electrochemical removal of sodium from metals. Trans. IMM, Sect. C., Vol. 108, Sept.-Dec. 1999

G. Gillet and F. Diot. Technology of superconducting magnetic separation in mineral and environmental processing. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 16 No. 3, Aug. 1999

H.R. Manouchehri, K. Hanumantha Rao and K.S.E. Forssberg. Changing potential for the electrical beneficiation of minerals by chemical pretreatment. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 16 No. 3, Aug. 1999

Donmez. A kinetic study of the cementation of copper from sulphate solutions onto a rotating aluminum disc. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.53 no.2, October 1999

J. C. Sehra and P. L. Vijay. Refractory Metals Extraction by Fused Salt Electrolysis, the Present Status and the Future Prospects. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, Vol.19 no.5-6, 1999

P. Fornari and C. Abbruzzese. Copper and nickel selective recovery by electrowinning from electronic and galvanic industrial solutions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol.53 no.1, July 1999

St. Rashkov, Ts. Dobrev, Z. Noncheva, Y. Stefanov, B. Rashkova and M. Petrova. Lead-cobalt anodes for electrowinning of zinc from sulphate electrolytes, Hydrometallurgy, Vol.53 no.1, July 1999

M. Lamontagne, C. A. Pickles and J. M. Toguri. Silver distribution between copper and copper selenide and the effect of impurities. Trans.Instn Min. Metall. (Sect, C), Vol. 107, Sept-Dec. 1998.

C. E. Loo and G. C. Penny. Granulation behaviour of iron ore blends containing coarse, porous ore. Trans.Instn Min. Metall. (Sect, C), Vol. 107, Sept-Dec. 1998.




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