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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



A.T. Aji, T. Kalliomäki, B.P. Wilson, J. Aromaa, M. Lundström, Modelling the effect of temperature and free acid, silver, copper and lead concentrations on silver electrorefining electrolyte conductivity, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 166, 2016

M.J Nicol, V. Tjandrawan, S. Zhang, Cathodic reduction of iron(III) and copper(II) on various sulfide minerals in chloride solutions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 166, 2016

A. Aji, S. Purwadaria, J. Aromaa, B.P. Wilson, O. Forsén, M. Lundström, The effect of gold on anode passivation and high current density operation under simulated silver electrorefining conditions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 166, 2016

P.T. Huyen, T.D. Dang, Mai T. Tung, Nguyen T.T. Huyen, T.A. Green, S. Roy, Electrochemical copper recovery from galvanic sludge, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 164, 2016

A. Ehsani, E.Y. Yazici, H. Deveci, Influence of polyoxometallates as additive on electro-winning of copper, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 162, 2016

J. Lu, D. Dreisinger, T. Glück, Electrolytic manganese metal production from manganese carbonate precipitate, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 161, 2016

W. Liu, R. Zhang, Z. Liu, C. Li, Removal of chloride from simulated zinc sulfate electrolyte by ozone oxidation, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 160, 2016

J. Xue, S. Wang, H. Zhong, C. Li, F. Wu, Influence of sodium oleate on manganese electrodeposition in sulfate solution, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 160, 2016

M. Mohammadi, A. Alfantazi, Evaluation of manganese dioxide deposition on lead-based electrowinning anodes, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 159, 2016

R. Ma, S. Cheng, X. Zhang, S. Li, Z. Liu, X. Li, Oxygen evolution and corrosion behavior of low-MnO2-content Pb-MnO2 composite anodes for metal electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 159, 2016



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