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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: April 30th 2007


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:: BioteQ Announces New Agreement in Chile with Molymet

BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. reports that it has signed a Development Agreement with Molibdenos y Metales S.A. (Molymet) for the development of two water treatment plants located at Molymetís refinery near Santiago, Chile. One plant is for the recovery of copper from a wastewater stream from Molymetís hydrometallurgical processes that use copper solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX-EW) technology and the other plant is for final water treatment to remove sulphate from solution, to replace an existing process. The development agreement outlines commercial terms where BioteQ will provide both plants on a build, own, operate basis and recover its capital from copper recovered and treatment fees for sulphate removal. The agreement is subject to site testing and engineering prior to completing a definitive operating agreement.

Molymet operates an integrated refining facility located at Nos, approximately 30 kilometers south of Santiago, Chile. The refinery treats molybdenum concentrates to make final upgraded molybdenum products as well as cathode copper by-product from SX-EW operations. The agreement provides for the development of BioteQís BioSulphide® technology for the recovery of copper from a complex acid waste water stream from the SX-EW operations to produce a final copper concentrate for sale. The objective is to recover at least 90% of the copper contained in the waste stream. In addition, Molymet currently operates a reverse osmosis plant, integrated with evaporation and crystallization, to remove sulphate in the final waste water treatment stage prior to water recycle. BioteQ has developed ion exchange technology, the Sulf-IXTM technology, for the removal of sulphate from complex salt solutions. Application of the Sulf-IXTM technology at Molymet would replace the existing reverse osmosis plant and associated evaporation and crystallization plants, to provide a high recovery of treated water that meets discharge quality requirements of 250 mg/L sulphate content.

Both BioteQ plants would be integrated into the existing infrastructure at Molymetís Nos facility. Preliminary engineering is in progress to provide estimates for production as well as capital and operating costs.




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