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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: April 21, 2009


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:: Xstrata Coal supports launch of Global CCS Institute

Xstrata Coal has welcomed Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s support for the development and commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies at the launch of the new Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI).

Xstrata Coal Chief Executive, Peter Freyberg, said today’s launch demonstrates the leadership of the Australian Government in addressing the critical need to advance CCS technology on a global scale.

"The Australian Government’s commitment to the future of public private partnerships is crucial to the successful development and commercial deployment of leading edge CCS technology in a timely manner," said Mr Freyberg.

"The multi-party approach of the Institute ensures Government, technology providers and industry are working together to make the development of CCS technology a priority and part of a balanced and cooperative approach to addressing climate change."

Xstrata Coal is a foundation member of the GCCSI and investing around AUD$250 million to address the Company’s greenhouse footprint and support research development and demonstration for low emission technologies.

"Fossil fuels will continue to be an important part of the power generation mix for the future and low emission technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration are essential to the global solution to climate change."

Xstrata Coal is:

A contributor to the Australian coal industry’s voluntary $1 billion COAL21 Fund;
A corporate participant in the $200 million CS Energy Oxyfuel Demonstration Project in Queensland;
A corporate participant in the AUD$30 million Otway Pilot Project
A member of the Centre for Greenhouse Technologies Research Centre (CO2CRC)
An active participant in the work of the Coal Industry Advisory Board to the International Energy Agency;
A member of the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities programme.
A member of Minister Ferguson’s National Low Emissions Coal Council




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