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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: August 17th 2009


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:: Alcoa Says the CPRS Needs Work Now

During a University of Western Australia forum in Perth Alcoa’s Manager of Carbon Strategy Tim McAuliffe reiterated that Australia needs a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme that responds to the needs of climate change while ensuring jobs and industry remain in the country.

McAuliffe says the Government and the Opposition now have the opportunity to get the scheme right - Australia can provide leadership on climate change while protecting jobs, vital industries and the communities that rely on their presence.

The minerals processing company spokesperson claims that while emissions trading is a key plank in responding to the challenge of climate change, the White Paper version of the CPRS represents a significant risk to aluminium industry jobs while overseas competitors do not face comparable carbon costs.

McAuliffe claims that in its current form, industries such as alumina and aluminium would be at a substantial international competitiveness disadvantage and businesses may simply be driven offshore to countries with no emissions trading.

McAuliffe says striking the right balance includes emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) industries receiving at least 90% permit assistance. He added that it’s vital the permit assistance does not erode until international competitors face a comparable carbon cost and there’s a level emissions trading playing field globally.

Alcoa supports the introduction of a CPRS that delivers greenhouse reductions and does not compromise Australian jobs.




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