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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: May 2nd 2003

:: Collaborative Marketing Agreement with Hatch  

Virotec International Ltd and Hatch Associates Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed a collaborative marketing agreement. The primary objective of this agreement is to facilitate the marketing and promotion of Virotec’s BASECON™ Technology to the alumina industry.

Hatch is a global engineering and consulting firm with experience and contacts in the mining, minerals and metals industries. In particular, Hatch is currently a member of a number of engineering alliances with major alumina producers, and is involved in the design and feasibility study for a range of new and upgraded alumina refinery projects world wide.

Under the terms of the agreement, Virotec grants to Hatch an exclusive right to market the BASECON™ Technology in proposals, pre-feasibilities, feasibilities, and engineering designs to a number of alumina producers and alumina refinery projects as specified in the agreement. The scope of the agreement can be expanded to include other projects that Hatch are involved with and where the BASECON™ or Bauxsol™ Technologies have application. Virotec and Hatch will work together with respect to the projects, with Hatch managing the projects, including any implementation or application of the Technologies if the proposals are successful. The agreement is for ten years and may be extended by mutual agreement.

As announced by Virotec on 30 August 2002, the BASECON™ Technology is a significant breakthrough that has the potential to benefit the alumina industry throughout the world. BASECON™ Technology can be applied as part of the Bayer process, enabling the alumina industry to produce an environmentally benign waste by neutralising the high caustic component of red mud. It can also be applied to the caustic residue that is stored in containment ponds thereby contributing to complete environmental remediation.Virotec’s Chairman, Brian Sheeran commented “This is very significant step in the commercialisation of Virotec’s technologies and in particular a technical and economic endorsement of the BASECON™ Technology. Hatch have a very strong reputation in the alumina industry throughout the world, and have the expertise and capability to successfully assist Virotec in the marketing of the BASECON™ Technology. Hatch service a number of existing producers in the alumina industry and are actively involved in the design and construction/refurbishment of new refineries. Hatch have recognised the importance of the Basecon™ Technology to the industry particularly as it strives to achieve a sustainable future. We look forward to a long and successful association."

Chris Twigge-Molecey, Managing Director, Technologies of Hatch stated that “Hatch is very pleased to be working with Virotec to bring technological solutions to our clients for both red mud re-use and industrial remediation. Virotec’s renowned technical expertise will complement Hatch’s and bring significant added value to our clients going forward”. Virotec International Ltd develops new and innovative technologies and provides market driven products and services that are practical solutions to environmental problems particularly for water and soils.



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