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Waste Characterization and Treatment
by William Petruk (Editor)

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Paperback - 168 pages 1 edition (March 1, 1998)
Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration; ISBN: 0873351584
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Australian Mineral Foundation, AMF Reviews: Vol. 26(4) April 1998
All papers are clearly written, well illustrated and referenced and the volume will be of interest to mining industry personnel worldwide even though the case studies described are examples only from North American.

Book Description
The treatment and storage of wastes from mining, extractive metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, smelting, electrowinning, and industrial uses have a major impact on industries and citizens in every country. Laws have been enacted to regulate waste treatment and storage, and in some cases, legal disputes are in process. The first and most fundamental step in treatment and storage of waste materials is to characterize the materials and evaluate the response of these materials to various treatments.

This proceedings volume addresses current advances and techniques in characterizing materials that have a bearing on environmental problems and factors that must be considered when solving these problems. In particular, materials (especially arsenic-bearing phases) in tailings, metallurgical residues, slags, smelter dusts and products have been characterized. The application of metal speciation to remediate problems that have been produced by improper storage and fingerprinting the source of material for litigation procedures are discussed. Regulations for recycling materials are reviewed. Recycling studies in the aluminum industry and research on recycling materials for the cement industry are reported.

The 12 papers are organized into three chapters: metal speciation, characterization of products from mining and metallurgy, and recycling, characterization, and treatment of waste materials. The book is indexed.




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